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CountryRoads 07:24 AM 09-18-2020
Dcb3 is driving me bonkers!

This is a fairly recent thing that started. Dcb is always tattling on the other kids, even if it's nothing to be tattled on. He whines and complains if a dck uses their hands instead of a fork. He tattles if someone drinks from their cup wrong.

Yesterday, we were outside and another dcb switched from a ride-on car to a different toy. So, a dcg hopped on the car and started playing with it. Dcb went nuts. Ran and told the other dcb that she stole his car, tried to rip the girl out of the car, etc. This happens several times a day.

I've been telling him to mind his own business and worry about himself. He says "okay", but then does it again.

Any advice?
Blackcat31 07:55 AM 09-18-2020
Some other threads about excessive tattling
Snowmom 02:41 PM 09-18-2020
The only thing I say now when this kind of thing happens is: "Is someone hurt?"


The first couple times, I'll respond with "then I don't need to know." After that, I don't say anything else, just shrug my shoulders and turn to do something else.
CeriBear 01:27 PM 09-19-2020
I try my best to ignore constant tattling or to make light of it. One day I had a girl come up to me and say “Ms. Ceri. Johnny is crawling around on the playground like he’s a dog.” I laughed and said “Well, I guess that’s what Johnny likes to do! Why don’t you go do what you like to do.”
I also try to explain beforehand the difference in telling to get someone else into trouble (tattling) or to help keep someone safe/out of trouble (reporting).
Once I had a girl who liked to tattle to the parents about their child. She once informed a mom that her child had pooped in his pants on the playground and told a dad that his child had had two time outs for not having listening ears on.
flying_babyb 07:04 PM 09-25-2020
"Are you hurt? Is your freind hurt? Is there blood? Is somone about to be hurt? NO?? Ok then have fun on the playground"
Rinse and repete.
For my nosy kid:
"Is your name __________ or ____" (usually "X hit y")
no? are you a teacher? NO? is someone hurt? No? ok then go play.
lovemykidstoo 02:28 AM 09-28-2020
I had a dcb one time that did this constantly. Drove me crazy. Tried everything. Then when we were outside, I drew a stick figure on the driveway and inside the house, drew a smile face and pinned it to our activity wall. We named this person Bob. Everytime, I would say, you better go tell Bob. Of course they all thought that was funny that they would all go and start talking to "Bob" randomly. Turned an irritating thing into something funny they had a good time with and took me out of the equation lol
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