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badger411 08:22 AM 10-07-2020
I run a (very small at the moment) in-home family daycare. My computer is having a mid-life or end-of-life crisis. None of my web browsers work for more than 2 hours before completely locking up, forcing me to shut down. My favorite to use is Mozilla Firefox, and it is the worst of the bunch. It sounds like there is something constantly whirring or working in the background, but I don't have my automatic backup scheduled until 1 am.

Does anyone know of a grant or program to help daycare providers purchase updated computer equipment? Mine is six years old, and 8 generations behind. I bought an HP 19 All-in-One desktop in 2014 when I started preparing to start my daycare, and now they are on HP 27. (Close to $2000, of course.) Even just moving up to a 23 is over $600. I'm pricing on the HP website, because I don't trust Amazon, Walmart, or other online sellers of "refurbished" computers.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also any feedback on computer types that work for you. I've never been comfortable with a laptop because I grew up (100 years ago!!) with a mouse and full keyboard, and with my wrist problems, the mouse "board" on a laptop just doesn't work. I know I could just plug my keyboard and mouse into the USB, but that takes away 2 USB slots.

Again, any help would be appreciated.

Blackcat31 09:13 AM 10-07-2020
Check with your state's Child Care Aware site.
They offer a lot of grants for continued operations as well as for a variety of other expenses providers experience.
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