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Unregistered 08:16 AM 10-09-2020
Question for you lovely providers. Can we get in trouble for letting a child leave with a parent who doesnít have a valid license to drive?

Found out a parent had a suspended license. Just want to make sure I wonít get in trouble for letting the child go with a parent who doesnít have a license to be driving?
Sunshine69 08:54 AM 10-09-2020
Are you absolutely sure the license is suspended? Or is just something someone told you? Licenses get suspended and reinstated all the time, especially for parents that are habitually behind on their child support.

I donít see how itís your responsibility to verify if the person picking up the child has a valid driverís license. They can show you the license as ID to prove they are the person they say they are and are authorized to pick up the child in writing by the parent. You donít have access to DMV information to verify if their license is suspended or not.

The police here wonít even pull someone over if they know theyíre driving on a suspended license. They have to have another reason for pulling them over.

Now if the pick-up person is visibly impaired Iíd call police and do all I legally can to delay their departure until the police got there and Iíd call another person on the Emergency pick-up list to pick up the child.

Weíre supposed to verify that there is a child seat in the car if the child requires one, but if the driver decides not to use one, I wouldnít know because itís a violation for me to leave the other children unsupervised while I follow them to the car.
springv 10:23 AM 10-09-2020
What state is this in?
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