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treetopapp 02:33 PM 11-09-2020

I am creating a brand-new daycare app which will work through the web (and have a check-in kiosk on tablet etc). I am currently building out the billing section and would like to tune this to the needs of the users on this forum.

My current plan is this:

- Create a recurring billing plan for each child (or grouped siblings). This plan can be weekly or monthly.
- Each week/month, the configured amount is posted to an account which has parent(s) configured as payers
- The account can be configured to send invoices to the parent(s) every week/month (and can be independent of the child billing plan).

Other systems I have seen work similarly and send a weekly/monthly statement to parents. Not sure if this is preferable over an invoice.

Also, how would you want to mark invoices/statements as paid (so they don't incur any configured late payment charges). Would you want to do this when entering payments into the system, have the system do it automatically based on allocating payments to open invoices, or something else?

What do you think about this? How would you want this to work for you? I would prefer it if you could contact me through Private Message, then I can group the responses together and update this thread.


Cat Herder 03:31 PM 11-09-2020
Didn't you originally post this in 2015 here?
treetopapp 04:38 PM 11-09-2020
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
Didn't you originally post this in 2015 here?
Yes I did. Since then my focus changed quite a bit, I didn't get anywhere with my original plans. However I'm still pursuing a means of making admin simpler.
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