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CountryRoads 09:04 AM 11-12-2020
We are nearing the halfway mark in our preschool curriculum and I was going to do an assessment so parents can see what their child knows and is learning.

I have 3 kids that go to a half day preschool elsewhere. Two are gone in the morning when we do most of our curriculum (one comes 3 days a week, the other 2) and 1 goes in the afternoon class.

I didn't plan on doing any assessment for the kids that go to preschool elsewhere, but I have that one kid that is here in the morning for our curriculum, but still goes to preschool in the afternoon.

I thought about sending out a letter when it's time telling families that for the kids who participate in my preschool curriculum, I will be doing an assessment halfway through and then another one at the end of the school year.

Does that seem fair to do? I'm worried some parents will be offended that I didn't include their child. BUT, they are also the ones that decided to send their child elsewhere for learning. So, their assessment answers wouldn't be based on MY curriculum.
Cat Herder 09:22 AM 11-12-2020
Been there.

I bypassed the awkwardness by naming my preschool class. Ex:


* All Parents: We will be having a Birthday party on Friday for....

* Grasshopper Parents: We will be doing our bi-annual Assessment next week to evaluate and recognize their awesome accomplishments so far and to plan for the second half of our academic year.

I found that actually encouraged more families to become Grasshoppers when they can see what we are doing before committing.
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