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Pestle 09:40 AM 10-28-2020
I have a disabled cat (kitty cerebral palsy) who wobbles past the baby gate a few times a day to see if anybody has thrown something interesting out of the daycare area. He really likes hard plastic toys that scoot easily across the floor. I'm not sure he deliberately goes for the noisiest possible option, but that's how it always turns out. Playmobil 123 people and animals, nesting cups, crayons, and square Duplos all skitter pleasingly.

It's pouring rain today, and I got out one of those pop-up tent that looks like a princess castle. One of my toddlers was playing roughly with it, so I moved the tent out of the daycare area. It's the best thing that has ever happened to this cat. He staggers in. He staggers out. He gets his legs stuck around the tent poles. He hops up in the air, falls over, lies there for a while, then gets up and does it again. He's having much more fun than the kids were.

Do you have a pet who thinks the daycare is their personal toy chest? Do they lurk as close as possible at mealtimes? Is your daily walk a puppy parade? Or, like my other cat, do they hide during business hours because children are noisy and grabby?
sahm1225 11:01 AM 10-28-2020
I have two small Dogs And they’re favorite time of the day is when I put the bin with dirty dishes on the stairs to take upstairs during nap. They know lunch is over and the kids are usually in their cots, so perfect time to run in and run around the daycare area! I have one dkb that runs into our kitchen to grab a cracker anytime he sees the dogs
Cat Herder 11:30 AM 10-28-2020
Mine (2 dogs) stay behind a fence in the family room. When they hear me loading the dishwasher after each meal/snack they both stand there waiting for their "leftover" treats. Little goes to waste. The rest of the time they hang out in DH's office to bark out the window and hound him for treats.

They are 8 and 10. They tolerate the daycare kids, but much prefer when they are gone and they can pile on the couch with us for movie time.
Meeko 12:49 PM 10-28-2020
Gus is a 9 year old Westie.
He loves show and tell and nap time.
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e.j. 02:05 PM 10-28-2020
Originally Posted by Meeko:
Gus is a 9 year old Westie.
He loves show and tell and nap time.
What a cutie!!

My dd's cat usually stays upstairs when day care kids are here. Once in awhile, he'll wander down during nap time to sniff the kids, roll on the floor next to them and then he heads back up. He once took a nap on the couch while one of the babies slept in a port-a-crib in front of it but hasn't ever done it since. I was surprised to see him there!
Jupadia 02:25 PM 10-28-2020
My older cat Cyborg loves the window legends cause she can both watch the squirrels outside and stay out of reach of the daycare kids. Her favorite toy was the play tunnel, but now has her own cat tunnel from IKEA.
The younger cat Joker who's like 12 weeks just like batting around toys but most days she is still to shy to spend much time in the room with the kids.

Both like to play on stairs which are also out of reach but in partial view of the kids. I can always tell (other then the noise) that they are there cause the kids will go to the gate to watch and try to call them in.
Jupadia 02:26 PM 10-28-2020
Forgot to add pic
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knoxmomof2 05:50 PM 11-03-2020
We have a 9 year old American Bulldog (90 lbs) and a 4 year old mini chi (3 lbs). The daycare room is gated up, so there's very little direct contact with the DCKs. Both dogs love it when it's naptime, though because the gates are open. They venture in and look for small scraps I might have missed while doing my initial lunch cleanup. Once I get everyone down, I come back in and finish cleaning.

When our chi was a puppy, she loved to swipe random things and hide them in her bed. I'd do a weekly shakedown and find various items from the daycare room: wooden blocks, Duplos, small stuffies.... It was adorable. I miss that ❤️ I guess she outgrew it....
Unregistered 03:54 AM 11-23-2020
My cat believes that the whole house is his property. And I am one of them. He plays with toys, bites them, throws them, and gets angry when I hide them. I was told that when he will be old, I will be able to have a rest, but with age, he only becomes more energetic. In contrast to me.
Ariana 08:22 AM 11-23-2020
My old dog mostly stays away now but LOVES mealtimes! Not sure what I am going to do when he dies, my floors will be a mess because he is better than Hoover!

My kitty just loves being in on any action and loves kids! He mostly splays out in the middle of the chaos watching to see what trouble he can get into
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