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Kriya1201 08:26 AM 11-30-2020

I run a small home daycare and the family I work with went against state recommendation and gathered with another household for thanksgiving. I spoke with them a few weeks ago, telling them I wasn't comfortable and that they needed to keep their child home for a week and test. They asked if I could make an exception and if the child could come back to care if they all got tested before. I agreed and yesterday asked for the tests and the other family didn't test their children. So I asked them to keep their child home this week since they didn't follow through and they are refusing to pay me.

What should I do? Am I being unreasonable asking for pay?
springv 09:45 AM 11-30-2020
If they dont pay you a certain day,I would add late fees. Because they didn't keep their child home makes me very uncomfortable because they or you as a provider don't know who they've exposed
Cat Herder 10:17 AM 11-30-2020
This is difficult to answer because there is no set rule other than what you, yourself, put in place.

If it was important enough for you to require, it is important enough for you to enforce.
Dohare81 09:03 AM 12-02-2020
Depending on how the market is for childcare and how firm you want to be. Me, I would tell them to pay or leave!
LostMyMarbles 10:54 AM 12-11-2020
I have found it is usually the families that you do the most for that try to change the rules. I have it in my contract for payment each week regardless. We closed for a couple of days and I had one questioning my breakfast cut off time. She’s not even affected by my cut off time. She was looking to pick so she did not pay for our days off. What did my cut off breakfast time even have to do with my days off lol?

Anyways, stick to your contract. They read it and signed it. If you cave once, they will try and run the show every time. Be tough be brave!!
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