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Old 02-11-2011, 05:50 PM
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Default Toy Obsession

so I had dcb and sister start in dec. he is 3 and sister is 5. they told me that he likes hotwheels (which I have a huge large bin--I have a ds) well the last week he is now obssessed with them and my geo track train, so much so that he won't let anyone touch anything or let them play, is throwing fits if you take his train. He doesn't know how to play with anything else (I should mention that he's a 4th kid in his family and his sibblings are the same as my own so not that old)
I told dh about the problem I'm having and he thinks thats way to weird (we did notice this child has other issues, and one of them is speech, its so bad that no one can understand him---in canada its different so I can not get him assessed) but anyone have a child so crazy of a certain toy.
so today I went out and bought more wooden activities (I'm trying to do more emergent ciriculum) and I'm going to hide the cars and trains.
so today I didn't have him, and omg not one child wanted to play with the cars or the trains, there were no gun shooting either (which is another activitie this kid plays) I have them till september but I'm at a loss with this one.
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Old 02-11-2011, 07:57 PM
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wow he sounds like my almost 6 year old. he doesn't allow his younger brother (age 4) to play with his hotwheels and throws a fit if they are messed with. I have tried several toys to get him to play with other things, but he isn't interested much.
with that being said, my son talks very clearly and is doing great in school and is right on target will everything. he just has a love for his cars. he will allow my husband to play cars with him, but nobody else.
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Old 02-11-2011, 08:12 PM
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it's pretty typical for a child with a lot of siblings to have "speech delays."
the basic, uncomplicated explanation is that they have a speech delay bc their siblings do all the talking FOR them. it's true - i've seen it repeatedly even in families with only two children who are close in age (including my own kids). my daughter had a HUGE vocab and ppl would just laugh and boast about the words she would use and how much she talked at a young age, but my son (obviously raised in the same environment) was nowhere near the same - and it was bc his big sister was always hovering over him and telling everyone what he was saying/what he wanted, etc.

the toy scenario could be similar - i'm not certain about that one, but if there are four kids, there may not be much that belongs to HIM. maybe he has found something that HE likes that is his own. maybe it's the only thing he has at HOME that he doesn't have to share and that's carrying over to daycare. the one thing i don't have to share is my ______________. toothbrush (ha, tell my kids that), blanket, bed, HOT WHEELS. who knows.
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toy obsession, toys

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