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booroo 01:34 PM 04-05-2010
I have just been offer the opportunity of a lifetime!!!! So i'm going to ask for everyones help! I have just excepted the summer camp activities director! I get pick my days and hours! So I was thinking, tues, wedn, and thrus. From 930am to 230pm. I also have to plan activties... So give me ideas of what to do. I know I want to plan a trip to the library like every 2 weeks. So what are some other ideas. I day a week go to the pool! So give me ideas of crafts and games and other stuff. The ages go from 2 to 10!!
gkids09 02:36 PM 04-05-2010
Congratulations, first of all. This will be a very fun job!!
Some things I am planning for my daycare kids this summer might work for what you are doing...I have read some of these online, but I can't remember where everything came from unfortunately.
One of the neat ones was to "spray paint" fabric, paper, or whatever you want to send home with the kids. You just fill some spray bottles with fabric paint and water (just so it's thin enough to go through the sprayer), and let the kids spray paint their shirt, pillow case, or whatever you decide to do. I am going to have the parents provide a pillow case or shirt for mine, and if they don't bring one, they will just have to do it on paper.
Most of the others were things that would be more fun for younger children, but you might like something like pudding fingerpainting.
Good luck, and have fun!!
AfterSchoolMom 04:10 PM 04-05-2010
T-shirt tye dyeing, sidewalk chalk murals, relay races, making bubble solution and blowing "big" bubbles w/ various objects, paper airplane races, "splash day", make-you-own playdough, planting/caring for seeds, obstacle courses.... that's all I can think of right off the top of my head. Congrats!
annie01 03:02 PM 08-04-2011
Mountain Meadow is a premier overnight summer camp in California if you are looking for a diverse place to send your children.
Michael 03:16 PM 08-04-2011
Originally Posted by annie01:
Mountain Meadow is a premier overnight summer camp in California if you are looking for a diverse place to send your children.
I took out the link for this post since I do not allow advertising. There are many services that try to post their products/applications/services that seem like they might benefit some of our readers.

Do you all think I should create a thread specifically for these type threads? I believe I could keep them from coming up in the NEW POSTS section and only viewable if they click on the products/applications/services Category. I think I will post a poll to test the pulse of our members.
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