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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Wow, I Am Beside Myself...Happily Beside Myself!
melilley 10:16 AM 10-02-2013
Oh wow, I am beside myself right now! I just received a call from a family who is looking for care. They said that a person named A referred them to me. I couldn't think of who the person was that referred me while I was on the phone, but after I hung up, it hit me.

A while back in June I had a couple interview with me and they were expecting so they were looking around. I told them that I didn't have any openings, but that they could come and do an interview anyways. They ended up liking it here and I put them on a waiting list. I haven't had any infant openings so I haven't talked to the couple since June. They were the people who referred me!

It just makes you feel so good when these little, awesome unexpected things happen!
butterfly 10:18 AM 10-02-2013

Maria2013 10:21 AM 10-02-2013
Josiegirl 10:21 AM 10-02-2013
Good move on your part to interview them anyways! Word of mouth is wonderful!
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