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spud912 01:59 PM 02-05-2014
So I would like to hire a temporary assistant but had a couple of questions. I would only need this assistant towards the end of my maternity leave and when I return. Since I am only 3 months along right now, I wouldn't need the assistant for 5-6 months yet.
  1. At what point should I start advertising?
  2. What are some of the things you all find important when looking for an assistant (besides obvious requirements like background check, etc.)? What are some major red flags?
  3. The person would work part time (20 hours per week) the week before delivery (plus possible additional hours depending on when I go into labor); a full 50 hour work week two weeks after I have the baby; and then one last part time essentially two full time weeks spread out over 5 weeks. Does this sound reasonable or do you think anyone would be even interested? The pay would only be $8 per hour (so approximately $800 spread out over 5 weeks). I would love to pay more but that would essentially consume all of my income. Opinions?
  4. Any other advice you can provide would be GREAT!

Thank you!!!
spud912 06:05 PM 02-05-2014
Anyone.... ? ............Bueller...........Bueller
Unregistered 06:19 PM 02-05-2014
I am in BC Canada so the wage would be between 12 and 15 depending on qualifications
also you would want the children to be comfortable with the sub a gradual introduction to the children would be important so you would need to concider working with the sub over a bit of time before you would need them to work on their own...that is what I would do guess you would be in the home also when they where covering for you ...that would help the children too knowing your still there ...
ihop 06:32 PM 02-05-2014
I don't have any experience but I'd advertise a month or two in advance.
And bring them in at least twice for training and make sure they know everything just in case you go into labor early.

If there are a lot of daycares in your Area, especially sahm, then I would definitely think you'll get some takers and the wage sounds fair to me.
Margarete 07:26 PM 02-05-2014
For my pregnancy I used 2 different people I already knew as my back up (one retired and one mom of one, who worked part time. I had them come 1/2 day a week for the month before my due date so that they were familiar with the routine, the kids would get to know them in that setting, and they would be ready in case I delivered early. They were also lined up to watch my daughter during off time while we were at the hospital.

I was really hoping that we would have the baby during the holiday break... Nope, baby was born the morning of the first day we were supposed to be back.
Annalee 07:34 PM 02-05-2014
Originally Posted by spud912:
Anyone.... ? ............Bueller...........Bueller
Love it!!!! Brings back memories!!!! Nobody like Ferris!!!1
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