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choirlady76 03:36 PM 01-11-2015
Hi all,

Do those of you who run daycares have an owner's sick policy? Or what do you do when you get sick? Or other days you might have to close due to snow etc.? Thanks
KSDC 03:52 PM 01-11-2015
My policy is that I will close if I am too sick to care for the children. I will let my parents know an hour before my opening daycare time if I am sick. It is the parent's responsibility to find back up care.
hope 03:53 PM 01-11-2015
If I close I do not charge for the day. Therefore I try my hardest to find coverage for when I am sick or when my children are sick. I have an assistant that comes part time so I try to see if she is free. If not I ask my mother. If she can't than maybe my DH. If absolutely no one can come then I close and dont charge for the day. I try to never close because parents only have a certain amount of sick days themselves and I would like for them to use them when their children are sick instead of sending them in to me to infect all the other kids.
Rachel 03:36 AM 01-12-2015
This comes up all the time, we should make a sticky

Here I work with an organization, so we all do backup for each other (but I pay). If I am too sick to work my first choice is a sub (better for the kids and I pay less), and my second choice is backup. If my older kids are sick (they are between almost 7 & almost 11), then I keep them out of the way and tell my manager the kid is home and work as regular. If my younger one is sick (2), then I have the sub come (1st choice) or send to backup. The backup system is great because even though it costs me to send out, the parents are not stuck. Also I get kids throughout the year and I put that money aside. If I need backup I take from that account, if I don't I buy myself something nice at the end of the year
Play Care 05:30 AM 01-12-2015
My regulations say I have to close if I exhibit the symptoms I exclude for...

In truth I only close if I'm incapable of caring for kids. As an adult I'll be washing my hands correctly, covering my mouth and blowing my nose with a tissue (not lapping them up with my tongue )
CraftyMom 05:54 AM 01-12-2015
Originally Posted by Play Care:
(not lapping them up with my tongue )

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