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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>After 5 Years I Think I Am Over Daycare?
dodge__driver11 12:32 PM 11-09-2015
I posted earlier about having a boy in my care, who I think may be delayed, nut the more I think about it, the less it's about delay and the more it's about mom and dad fostering snowflake being a baby.

I know some of you have been around A LOT LONGER THAN I.

But, I think I am over this...

I recently switched to providing shiftworker childcare, and as a result I get Monday's off, and I am still not "in love with being around the kidlets" I just can't find that "joi de vive" that was once there...Mind you, I was never the "shoot rainbows out of your bum" type anyways.

I just can't seem to handle babies that take FOREVER TO TRANSITION because parents set a totally different standard at home, undoing any work I have done at daycare. I just gave in and turned on a movie for an 11 mo old that has spent the last 45 mins in her pack and play screaming. And, I NEVER DO THIS.

-Kids that at 12 mo can't hold their own bottles or cups because parents hold them for them

-Kids that are bullies

-Parents and their unrealistic expectations regarding my roll (Potty training, Sleep, Eating, One on one etc)

--Kids's that won't grow up because parents "set the bar low for them."

Help me to get my joy back...Oh and I do take time for me, I have a contract, take sick time, etc. And, also I do pride myself on my interview process, but am def. open to something, cause it's gotta give.
Unregistered 02:05 PM 11-09-2015
It really is the parents. I have broken friendships over parenting,. I just can't stand it.
Play Care 02:34 PM 11-09-2015
Maybe you are just done. And that's okay.
Play Care 02:43 PM 11-09-2015
Oops! Posted too soon!

Honestly I couldn't do shifts - I'd rather work five days a week and have day care done when my family got home or keep days and only advertise for T-Fri (or Mon-Thurs) because I just want to be "mom" when my kids are home. I find any time my family and work life meet up I am unhappy.
The less interaction between day care and my family, the better, IMO.

But truthfully, I no longer care or let it bother me what parents say, what they claim they do/don't do, etc with their kids. I am bound by regulations to do the best I can HERE. So that's what I do. If that's not enough, then I term.
But it may be that your area just isn't good for In home day care and it's time to move on. Only you know that. Good luck!
midaycare 04:45 PM 11-09-2015
When I started out 2 years ago, I thought, "I could do this forever!"

Now I think I might do it for a few more years, but not forever. I like it, but it's time consuming. The income I make goes to pay off the house. When it is paid off, I am done. That is 7 more years or sooner.
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