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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Canadian Providers Might Be Eligible For Employment Benefits
elle73 04:34 PM 08-24-2011
Just thought I would pass this along, I got a letter in the mail today about New Employment Insurance special benefits for people who are self-employed it said that I might be able to get maternity, compasionate care, parental and sickness benefits.

the website is

Hope it helps
godiva83 07:21 PM 08-24-2011
It is great! I just signed up for my EI number in June. I am planning on using it for Mat leave in August if we conceive by November. You have to be enrolled for at least a year before you are entitled to claim anything. I believe I will be paying $658 at the end of the year ( which is good ) as I will be receiving Maternity pay biweekly for 52 weeks of approx. $550
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