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kpa0627 10:41 AM 07-22-2010
What are some things that your parents donate that you use for projects? I'm thinking of making a list of supplies that most people just throw away and asking if they will bring in the stuff so I can start collecting things for art projects.
A few things I've thought of
*Scrap Paper
*Toilet Paper/paper towel rolls
*Lids (Milk, Juice, butter, etc.)
*Egg Cartons
*Old Magazines/Newspapers
*Styrofoam meat trays
*Paper grocery bags
*Used cards (such as bday, thank you's, etc.)
*Used but clean wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon, bows

Is there anything else that you have parents bring in at no cost to them that helps your program out in some way?
JenNJ 11:07 AM 07-22-2010
egg cartons and oatmeal containers.
Pammie 11:09 AM 07-22-2010
I too ask for throw-away items that we can recycle into craft projects. I include all of the items on your list as well as:

2-liter soda bottles with lids
Aluminum pie plates
Socks, gloves and mittens that no longer have their mate
Oatmeal canisters
Greeting/Christmas cards
Pinecones and acorns from trees in their yards
Pringles chips canisters
Babyfood jars
MommyMuffin 12:10 PM 07-22-2010
I actually have a little spot in my policies and contract folder where is talks about donations, I even put in hats, mittens ect
Abigail 01:54 AM 07-28-2010
Packing peanuts-used in the sensory table or as art.

Good condition food boxes-like Fruit Snacks, Cracker Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Tissue Boxes, Diaper Boxes etc. to use in the dramatic play area for the home or shopping center. Preschool kids loved recognizing what each item was....Mac N Cheese boxes were popular and we just taped them shut and they looked brand new. Don't forget pet food boxes, band aid boxes, etc!

Empty Tissue Boxes/Shoe Boxes--craft projects and display boxes

Seasonal items they don't want anymore--Easter eggs, garland, lights, etc.

Empty Baby Wipes Containers--great for craft storage or craft projects!
Former Teacher 07:16 PM 07-28-2010
The only time I would really ask for donations were around holidays and if we were doing a special project.

Valentines Day - shoe boxes for cards

Easter- gallon milk jug - for baskets

Things like that
Abigail 02:01 PM 07-29-2010
Ask them to save the little plastic containers from the quarter and fifty cent machines at the grocery stores. You could use them for miscellaneous things and also make putty to put inside.
Crystal 03:22 PM 07-29-2010
many of the same items listed and:

junk mail
sticker/stamps from the mail
ribbon from gifts
gift bags
many bring things from work: receptionist note pads/envelopes/sticky notes/wide variety of "stuff"
old clothing articles like hats, purses, scarves, etc.
to go menus and placemats from restaraunts they visit
old business cards
lids from stuff like milk jugs, juice containers, etc.
misc. items found in nature
and many of my families pick up stuff from the $ bins at target and dollar tree if they see it and know we will use it.

My families are always bringing in bags of stuff....I LOVE it!
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