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misspollywog 06:07 PM 09-29-2011
Hi everyone, new here and new to hdc and I have a question *surprise!* lol.

I live in Idaho and we literally have less regulations for dc than Guam and Puerto Rico. It makes it very easy to start and run a small hdc but I'm finding that it makes it awkward when dealing with potential clients, especially since we have a lot of families who aren't aware of the regs, hear bad things in the news, or are moving in from other states who expect the regs to be much more stringent here.

I had one lady who just moved here from California call and ask about my licensing and I told her that I am not licensed, nor do I plan to be licensed unless I decide to have more than 6 children at a time but I am state compliant and well above the minimum standards for the state and am going above and beyond by getting a background check, CPR training and a health and safety inspection. I also have an 8 camera system for our home with Smartphone access for clients as well as 2 LEO's who live a stone's throw from me (they both work nights and are home during the day to boot!). I have a very nice, child-proof home and live in an extremely desirable area as well.

She seemed fine and booked an interview with me but still..

Maybe I'm paranoid because I am new but I expect this to be an issue especially considering how many out-of-staters there are moving here who come from nearby states with stringent (and sometimes ridiculous) licensing laws. Even if I wanted to go through the licensing process I was told it could take months just to initiate it as the agency who deals with it is so backlogged because of a huge budget cut and they can't keep up. Until I know it is worth the hassle or that I want more than 6 kids, why should I?

Any suggestions on how to tactfully handle this if it becomes an issue in getting my slots filled? Am I worrying for nothing? Hoping you all can offer me some advice and a little peace of mind.
cheerfuldom 07:38 PM 09-29-2011
Make a handout about the state regulations (simplified!) and web sites where they can get more info. Follow up with a section on how much you offer above and beyond the norm!
Michael 08:20 PM 09-29-2011
Originally Posted by misspollywog:
Hi everyone, new here and new to hdc and I have a question *surprise!* lol.

I live in Idaho.
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
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