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DaycareMom 10:38 AM 12-02-2011
I have been caring for 2 1/2 yo dcg since she was 3 months old. Her mom is pregnant and we were discussing plans for her taking her maternity leave.

She is going to take 12 weeks of maternity leave and keep dcg home with her. She offered to pay full rate for all 12 weeks and give it in one lump sum.

Is that what your dcps do? Should I charge her less?

I don't have anything in my phb about this situation so I was wondering how other people handled this situation and what would be fair to charge for holding the spot.

Thank you!
MichellesKiddos 11:36 AM 12-02-2011
Earlier this year I had TWO moms tell me that they were pregnant AND due within two weeks of each other! Anyways, I charged half of the regular rate for the older child due the 1st of each month, and only $50/month to hold the spot for the infant (which started when they took their leave or when the baby was born..whichever came first). One mom was completely fine with it and the other flipped a bird! She called me with a list of complaints..stating she had NEVER heard of anything like that before and didn't understand why she would have to pay for her older child and the new baby when they won't be there. They ended up terminating care anyways once I handed out changes to my handbook stating that, effective in two weeks, I would require a two weeks PAID notice of termination (should they decide to terminate) and a few other changes. She showed up that night and took his things...wasn't too sad though. They were not a fun family to deal with..I guess things worked out for the better in that situation. If I were you, if your budget can tolerate accepting half payment, do that. Otherwise if she is willing to pay the full amount for the older child, I'd accept that and not charge for the baby. Call it even, kwim?
MommieNana4 11:48 AM 12-02-2011
Accept the payment for the 12 weeks. Do you have in your handbook that clients must pay whether their child attends or not? Her current condition and future leave status has nothing to do with the 2 1/2 year old (and attendance).
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