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Katierue 03:39 PM 11-24-2014

I just had a family leave because of a move, and they gave me a brand new iPad mini as a gift!!!! I am so excited!!!

I am an old fashioned paper kind of gal, and still record all payments on paper…. I do have a book keeper for everything, so tuition records is really all I do. I'd like to start using the iPad to track tuition payments, nut the programs that have so far been recommended are too complicated for my needs.

Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking to create a simple excel page for payments, but I was hoping for something that would help me track balances due etc….

Michael 04:22 PM 11-24-2014
Welcome to the forum. iPad was a nice gift! Suggest you check our Minute Menu Kids:
AmyKidsCo 06:56 PM 11-24-2014
I use MMK but it doesn't work on my Macbook. I don't know if it'll work on an iPad or not...

What a great gift!!
Cradle2crayons 07:13 PM 11-24-2014
I have mmk on my laptop but I can't get it to working my iPad for some reason??
Katierue 08:21 PM 11-24-2014
Do I need to use the menu aspect? I don't wan to track expenses- my book keep does that. I am thinking maybe a simple excel worksheet makes more sense?
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