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Unregistered 11:41 AM 06-09-2010
Hi Im new to this forum.. I have been doing daycare for about 10 months now...I have in my care right now 3 & 4 yr old girls..4 & 5 Yr old boys and a 1 yr old boy...and now that school is out my oldest son who is 9 is home all day..I am now watching one family's oldest child who is also 9 who is a boy....what do u guys do too keep the older kids busy during the day??? I am going crazy...Me and the little ones paint play play-doh, practice letters numbers color etc...we play games outside and the older too don't want to take part in anything...And I am at a loss of what to do with them....I don't want them to watch tv all day or play video games..Any and everything I suggest they say they are too old to do...Anyone have any ideas??

Another problem I am having is when the older too are here....Its constant screaming, crying, fighting over everything...between the little kids...when the big brother is not here...I have little problems with any of the kids...and the older one is not a problem child...its just the younger siblings act up when he is here...any advice??
MarinaVanessa 02:05 PM 06-09-2010
For the older kids (I have an 9yo) I use him as an assistant and give him resposibilities. He helps me set up, helps the smaller kids etc. I also have educational games for him to play on the computer. There's a neat one that I'll try to find the website to that he found that looks like a piece of paper and have to get a ball drawn by a crayon to another spot on the screen. The object is to draw a line or device that will scoop, push, pull, throw, hit or roll the ball to where it should be. You use your mouse to draw the contraption and it all looks like it drawn in crayon. It's quite fun and makes you think and forces you to get creatice and think outside the box. Even my fiance got hooked on it. I havn't played it but it's fun to watch. I'll ask him later and post the link.
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