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Francine 06:15 AM 12-28-2010
How do you handle a parent taking maternity leave? Do they still have to pay full price? Do you allow them so long without paying? Do you require the older child to still attend a certain number of days per week during the leave?

This is something that I forgot to address in my policy book, now being the first of the year I am making some changes and additions.
SilverSabre25 06:17 AM 12-28-2010
I am interested in seeing other opinions on this as well. I don't have a set policy yet, but I have two families TTC this year so it is likely to come up.
bgmeyers 06:31 AM 12-28-2010
This is what I came up with.

If you request a leave of absence for more than two weeks, you will be required to pay a part time rate of at least two days per week for up to 12 weeks. Your child may attend during this time any two consistent days that work for both of us. If a holiday falls on one of your days, you will be required to pay for that holiday. You may pay for additional days at the part time rate if space is available. After 12 weeks, full tuition is required.
MyAngels 06:40 AM 12-28-2010
I will allow the family to pay a part-time rate for up to six weeks, after that it's back to full-time rates. I do give 2 weeks unpaid vacation time to families each year, so they can use that for two weeks if they want.
ammama 07:42 AM 12-28-2010
In Canada, mom's get a year of maternity/parental leave, so I do not hold spaces for families, I would lose too much income.
Cat Herder 08:54 AM 12-28-2010
I allow up to two weeks unpaid vacation time, per year, per family. I do not provide part-time or drop-in care. In order to be enrolled payment in full must be received. No exceptions. I cannot allow their life choices to affect the ones I made for my family.

My current waiting list exceeds the years I intend to remain in business, I have been in business 17 years, so I really think it is simply a matter of clear communication early on in the Caregiver/Parent relationship.

I would be very careful making exceptions or altering your policies too often. It almost always backfires. Good luck, I hope you find a great solution that works best for you and your family, too.
Lilbutterflie 09:13 AM 12-28-2010
I have an extended leave portion of the contract that states extended leave is any leave longer than two weeks (ex: maternity leave, extended illness for parent or child, teachers who have the summer off, or out of state child custody agreements). They pay half price during this time, and they may bring their child for two days per week at the reduced rate. I require one month's notice, or if it's unexpected; they pay full price for the first two weeks of the leave.
DanceMom 09:47 AM 12-28-2010
I dont have a policy on maternity leave in my contract - I have had two moms on mat. leave though since I started - they sent their older child still every day and paid full price and if they wanted their infant to enroll here too they had to pay a holding fee each month until the baby starts.
momma2girls 01:10 PM 12-28-2010
I have a holding fee each month for someone pregnant not currently using my daycare. The ones that are using my daycare, there is a 2 week deposit.
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