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Lilbutterflie 09:21 AM 01-07-2011
Sometimes you need something to make you smile in the field we are in; and I thought I would start a thread of the cute little quirks that daycare kids can have.
I'll start with my dcg. She has a habit of rubbing her fingers over her eyebrows when she is tired or trying to go to sleep. Somehow it's very calming to her. I think it's just adorable.
I'm trying really hard right now to think of any cute little quirks my two dcb's have... hmmmm. Well, one of my dcb's is obsessed with Thomas and Disney Cars right now. I LOOOVE to see his face light up when we talk about either one! And he always shakes his foot while he tries to go to sleep. The other dcb I have doesn't really have any quirks I can think of, but I am thankful for him b/c I can always count on him to be a great eater and a great sleeper!!
Blackcat31 09:34 AM 01-07-2011
I have a 4 yr old dcg who gives "eskimo kisses" (rubs her nose on anothers nose gently) to the other kids when she is happy or wants to show she loves her friends
juliebug 09:36 AM 01-07-2011
i know one that when tired will suck her thumb and rub her hair with the same hand. kinda funny becasue she tilts her head to do it she has short hair lol
daycaremom1 09:45 AM 01-07-2011
I have a large window in the playroon and I went to open the blinds one day, and a little one said, "are you turning on the sun?' I loved it! ♥
momofsix 09:52 AM 01-07-2011
We are listening to our quiet time cd, and a little girl I have (18 months, not verbal at all) starting singing along when Jesus Loves Me came on. Too cute-and none of the other kids were "disturbed" in their quiet rest by it either!
nikia 10:17 AM 01-07-2011
I have a 14 month old boy who has curly dark hair, he twirls one curl on the top of his head when he is tired, even while he is sleeping if finger is wrapped in his hair. He is the cutest boy I have ever seen. He gets mad when mom cuts his hair
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