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Live and Learn 06:50 PM 02-05-2011
I though you all might find the rates at our local ski resort daycare interesting.
E Daycare 07:46 PM 02-05-2011
Holy smokes! Man if we were really in it for the money then we opened the wrong type of daycare because that is the most insane thing ever!!

Day Care Combo (4-6 year olds)
2-hr lesson + full daycare $145

That blew my mind! I dont make that for a WEEKS worth of care from any of my dcp. I laughed at that because could you imagine charging $145 a day for daycare with preschool?! I seriously dont know what to say. lol
Michael 11:37 PM 02-05-2011
Most of these ski daycare are drop in and have three week waiting periods.

It is more like elite babysitting.
Stacy214 09:48 AM 02-06-2011
WOWZERS! I agree, it's for the elite....I think they should throw in a ski lesson for that lol.
Abigail 10:37 AM 02-06-2011
Well, Now I see how hiring a babysitter over-night would be the frugal way to go. LOL, that is still expensive. I went skiing only once back in 6th grade, don't know if I'll ever get to go again. I was hoping to find pictures of the ski resorts daycare room, if anyone finds one please post it. I was looking through their 600+ photos but it all was the actual skiing activity.
juliebug 06:08 PM 02-06-2011
wow wish i could make that kind of money! i would love to see the picture too but couldn't find it.
QualiTcare 08:27 PM 02-06-2011
i say good for the daycare and for the people who can afford to pay them!
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