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Mom&Provider 06:27 PM 08-29-2012
I have a family of 3 girls right now in my care - they just came for a few weeks over the summer - and we are in our last week, final 2 days tomorrow and Friday. I just happened to notice on one of the girls today while she was kneeling on my playroom carpet what appears to be a plantar wart on her foot. I'm no doctor and have never seen one first hand, just in pictures so I'm guessing, but it is worrisome! She's 7 and has already been all through my home in her bare feet this week since she came in only sandals (as have my own kids!), so I can't do much now and I don't know what to say to Mom since this is very short term and she's my neighbour, so I've asked that each the girls bring socks tomorrow to wear indoors and left it at that. Now I just hope they actually do bring the socks!? I guess if she/they come without I'll just put my own kids in socks!!

My question is how do I disinfect my floors now? I read that there really is no real way to do this for this since it is a virus - GREAT. I've already taken bleach/water mix to my bathroom floor since that is the smallest room and I know that I can cover that one pretty easily, but what about the rest? Just the usual cleaning with a disinfectant is all I can do now right? What about my carpets? I've vaccuumed them tonight also.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on this one!
Kaddidle Care 06:35 PM 08-29-2012
Just make sure the children wear socks and shoes. As far as I know it requires a break in the skin to get it from another person.

I got it as a child at a public pool. I remember scraping my foot on the cement. From there contact with the virus brought it on. Right under my big toe - I walked around with my big toe up for quite some time before I got it treated. Nowadays you can get an over the counter medication for it.

Just let the mother know about it so she gets it taken care of as they can spread cluster warts around the main one and get painful if left untreated.

My college age son got it Freshman year. He took care of it with the over the counter stuff. No more problems with it.
Mom&Provider 06:43 PM 08-29-2012
Thanks..I guess I always think the worst, especially when that's mainly what's found online! I know they won't have shoes to wear in the house, except their outdoor ones, but I will ensure everyone has socks on at the very least!
Countrygal 04:13 AM 08-30-2012
That's why I have a no bare feet policy in the house. I even have gotten spare socks from garage sales or friends so that I can have spares when the kids come with sandals.

Not only plantar's warts, but also Athlete's foot and other foot problems are easily transmittable. I have a child now with what I think is a plantar's wart, although like you, I'm not overly familiar with them, so it could be something else. I showed it to the parents and they did nothing. I couldn't leave my child like that if I knew about it.....but.....they're not me, I guess. Unfortunately, this family also has a "thing" with socks. But it is my rule, and it needs to be followed. I am a stickler for it. It's helped a LOT to have the spares here and made my life a whole lot easier!

I surely hope noone in your family contracts the warts!

Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic site. It's very complete for this virus and for plantar's warts in general. It says that the virus does not thrive unless it has a warm, damp place to live. And that it is NOT easily transmitted. And an open cut or scrape is required for it to enter. So, IMO, if everyone wears socks, it should be good! And it also says that most plantar's warts clear up by themselves after a few years.

Here's that link - lots of good info!
Mom&Provider 04:33 AM 08-30-2012
Thank You!

I just wish I had seen this the last time they were here and of course this week since they've already been here 3 days! Nothing I can do, but I do like your sock rule and think I will enforce it from now on. I have a ton of socks around here, so I will have no issues with giving them a pair today if they have forgotten to bring some! One of them had said to me "well I don't like wearing socks, so do I have to?", I'll assume she is come without and make it out to be a mistake she forgot! (
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