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Daycarelady1979 07:44 AM 01-02-2013
So, last year my daycare was completely full & it was all 1st shift kids. Life was good. Then I found out I was pregnant & by the time I got back from maternity leave, all the kids had dropped like flies. Only 1 family stuck by my side & then the little girl turned 5 & went to Kindergarten.

I basically had to start all over. After 8 years of swearing I wasn't going to do it, I registered with the county & became a certified Type B provider, thinking that would help me get kids in here...quick. The only calls I was receiving was for crazy hours & schedules, so eventually I gave in & extended my hours so I could at least get some new kids & have an income again.

Fast forward to now, about 7 months after I became certified...I have 1 full time, private pay kid & they just gave me their 2 weeks notice. That really stinks I also have another family, 2 kids, who are here any time between 7 am & 10:15 pm. They are considered full time through the county, but they miss a lot of days & I have already used up all the absent days I'm allowed to claim. Some weeks I get paid full time & some weeks it's only part time. Just depends.

Tomorrow I'm starting 2 new kids, 1 is in school so he won't be here too often, but the other is 3 years old & will be here whenever the mom works...which right now is only 15 hours a week & can either be a 9-3 shift or a 1-9pm shift. Fine. I'll take it...any income is better than none, right?

Today I have an interview for a 5 year old who needs care 4 days a week from 7-9pm. I asked my husband how he felt about it & he said he didn't care...we don't do anything in the evenings anyway. I had to remind him that now that he is working 3rd shift, those 4 days a week from 7-9pm are the only hours I get to see him! So if this girl signs up, I won't have any time with my husband at all before he goes to work.

Here's my issue...I'm freaking tired of working non-stop, 1st & 2nd shift. I'd like to know what time I'm getting off work each day. I'd like some time with my husband. I'd like some time with my own kids! At this point my only saving grace is that I absolutely REFUSE to work weekends. I won't do it. I know I have to do what I have to do to help provide an income, but I really miss my 1st shift schedule. I miss closing at 5:30 every day. My youngest son is 10 months old, I've been doing daycare for 9 years, and my plan is to continue until he goes to school. I love my job, don't get me wrong, I'm blessed to do what I do...but where the heck are all the 1st shift kids?? With my husband working 3rd shift now, I seriously never get a break. He works all night & sleeps all day. I care for kids nearly 24 hours a day.

Anyway, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for here...maybe just some conversation with people who actually understand?? All my husband can see is dollar signs. He doesn't understand the emotional & physical burn-out I'm feeling. Any suggestions or advice for me? And please be nice...I'm already stressed out...LOL
cheerfuldom 12:14 PM 01-02-2013
I dont know what to tell you but I certainly feel bad for your situation. What is the deal in your area? Is there a flood of daycare competition? Are your rates still competitive?
providerandmomof4 12:39 PM 01-02-2013
I know what you mean. I went through a time when the only calls/schedules I was getting were just crazy! After taking these schedules and having one set of kids for the majority of the day, and then another family for most of second shift, I decided enough was enough. I only kept my first shift family and went for several months without any more calls first shift. I stuck to my guns! I was not taking another child unless they fit my schedule. It was slim money for a while, let me tell ya. I even considered calling a family I had let go due to schedule...I'm sooo glad I didn't! Eventually it did work out. I now have only first shift! yea!
Daycarelady1979 12:53 PM 01-02-2013
Well, as far as I know, the deal is that the economy is horrible in my little town. We used to have a giant air park here (DHL) with thousands of employees, but they shut it down a couple years ago & the whole town went to crap. There are no jobs. Seriously, it's bad here...the murder rate has gone up & the drugs are out of control. It wasn't anything like this when we bought our home 9 years ago Our town has been on the show 60 Minutes twice & a few celebrities have come here trying to help out the economy & such.

My rates are just whatever job & family services told me I could charge...most of the clients I'm getting these days get childcare assistance through the county. I haven't had any private pay calls or interviews in a long time. The one private pay child that I do have is leaving the daycare next week.

One of my daycare moms goes to nursing school & works at McDonald's.
Another mom works at the Dollar Store 15 hours a week.
The mom I interviewed today doesn't work at all, but she is going back to school part time.

Trust me, I thank God every single day that my husband & I even have jobs...he got moved to 3rd shift & we absolutely hate it, it's creating a lot of problems for our family, but we are BLESSED to have a paycheck at all!

I'm not really sure what to do. I used to have 7 full time kids, all private pay, and all 1st shift. It was AMAZING. I just miss the old days I guess...
MrsSteinel'sHouse 01:03 PM 01-02-2013
If it makes you feel any better it has taken me 3 yrs to get to a "full" position with a waiting list. I am also in Ohio. I did childcare for 10 years, took a year off (which I so needed) and now I have been relicensed for almost 4 years now. I will only take one county family because I always end up screwed. So right now I have 5 private pay families and 1 county. one of the private pays (3 kids)has tue/ thurs so county (2 kids) has m, w, f then I have 3 pp full time (one is here 3-4 days a week but it varies so they pay me f/t)
I am open 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. and one of my families is drop in only.
Childminder 01:13 PM 01-02-2013
My Dh lost his job in 2008 and my enrollment tanked with the economy so I went to taking any shifts I could get just to pay bills. I open at 6am Mon - Sat and I used to do 24/7 years ago but wasn't crazy about the lack of life I had then. We also are home all the time so might as well watch children, right? Besides the evening hours are easier cause the kids are in bed by 8-8:30 at the latest.

I go to bed my usual time and the moms text me 5 minutes out to get the kids bundled up to go. Most of my second shift are bar waitstaff and get here after midnite. A couple are students and have evening classes a couple nights a week.

I remember that when I first started these hours I stressed myself out a bit but got into a rythym and things go smoothly now. Just treat them like family and pretend you're the Duggers Dh does help though or dinner time especially would suck!
cheerfuldom 01:49 PM 01-02-2013
okay so at least you know its not you, KWIM? there is only so much you can do when the local economy goes to the crapper.
Daycarelady1979 05:24 PM 01-02-2013
I wish my DH would help but he really doesn't...especially now with this stupid shift he's working. I do everything -and I do mean everything- by myself.
daycaremom76 08:05 PM 01-02-2013
It sucks here too! I think it just comes in waves. For a while I had 8 but now I am down to 6. One I want to terminate cause they are just a pain but I am still holding onto them cause if I drop to 5 then I will just be making bills and I don't want to lose that extra cushion unless I can replace them. I get calls all day for infants though! I can only have 2 under 2 and that's what I have but I can't get any toddlers to save my life!
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