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Michael 07:03 PM 01-05-2013
You are invited to see and hear Tom Copeland present a timely webinar “Tax Changes for 2012: How to Avoid Mistakes on Your Tax Return” on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 8:30-10:00pm Eastern Time.
This live, one and a half hour webinar will start at 5:30 PM (Pacific Time); 6:30 PM (Mountain Time); 7:30 PM (Central Time) and 8:30 PM (Eastern Time).

Tom Copeland, the leading expert on the business of family child care, will present the webinar. To register, go to:
The cost is $25 (tax deductible!).

What is a Webinar?
A webinar is a live workshop conducted through the Internet. Participants will receive directions on how to link your computer to the webinar as well as a phone number to call to listen to Tom Copeland speaking. You will see a power point slide presentation on your computer and listen to Tom presenting the workshop.

You will have the chance to ask questions throughout the webinar. If Tom can't get to your question during the webinar he will contact you after the webinar to follow up. You will also receive a copy of the power point presentation and handouts.

How to Register
To register for this important webinar, go to:
or Mandi Hardy at 800-359-3817 (ext 225); email business . The fee for the webinar is $25. The cost is 100% tax deductible!

This webinar is being sponsored by LLC. The webinar is being hosted by the National Association for Family Child Care.

Tom Copeland is a licensed attorney who has written many books on the business of family child care and has presented workshops for hundreds of thousands of family child care providers across the country since 1981. He has represented dozens of child care providers in IRS audits and has won five U.S. Tax Court cases. He is the nation's leading authority on family child care record keeping and taxes.

We had a very successful webinar with Tom Copeland last year and he has been very helpful in our Taxes and Daycare section of the forum. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to reduce your taxes and join me on Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

Michael Castello
Michael 07:04 PM 01-05-2013
Tom Copeland on states :
These hours can include time spent on cleaning, activity preparation, meal preparation, phone calls, record keeping, time spent on Forum (!), conducting parent interviews, work at your computer (including time spent on the Internet - shopping, looking for recipes, marketing, etc.), and so on.
Fruitloops1 11:26 AM 01-06-2013
Just registered! YAY
Lyss 08:38 PM 01-06-2013
I really wish I could but I'm in PST and have kids til 6pm that day, maybe I can talk my DCPs into an early P/U that day.
sharlan 12:15 PM 01-09-2013
Is there anyway possible to record this and watch it at a later time? My kids get picked up between 5:30 and 6.
Michael 12:52 PM 01-09-2013
Originally Posted by sharlan:
Is there anyway possible to record this and watch it at a later time? My kids get picked up between 5:30 and 6.
I believe we have been able to do this in the past. I'll ask Tom.
Lyss 04:31 PM 01-09-2013
Originally Posted by Michael:
I believe we have been able to do this in the past. I'll ask Tom.
I'd be very interested in it as well if it's possible. I may be able to have my latest picked up kid gone but the others I'm not sure could swing it.
Michael 07:07 PM 01-15-2013
Pushing this back up. PM me if anyone has questions.
MarinaVanessa 07:42 AM 01-25-2013
Is it ok if I post a link to this webinar on my FCC association's website or should I go through NAFCC and ask them first? I'd like to share the info with our members.
Michael 10:20 AM 01-25-2013
Of course you can post a link. Thanks
MarinaVanessa 10:29 AM 01-25-2013
Awesome thanks, I'll do it now
Michael 08:38 PM 02-01-2013
Since I am seeing so many Tax and Tom Copeland questions I want to remind everyone of our Webinar with Tom on February 12th. If you haven't already signed up, the links are information are at the top of this page.
MarinaVanessa 11:54 AM 02-03-2013
I finally remembered to sign up today.
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