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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Is Everyone Having A Mucus'y Winter???
EchoMom 06:20 PM 02-26-2013
I've had such a plague of runny noses the whole winter it seems! It's winter, we're cooped up in doors, and most of my kiddos are new after my big turnover. So I expect that to be a recipe for illness... But this is getting ridiculous.

-One new young infant was diagnosed with RSV (although she seems fine, just has a crackly sounding chest) and mom's been giving her a nebulizer. Doesn't seem to be a big deal.

-Older infant just finished a course of antibiotics not long ago for ear infection.

-2 year old currently on antibiotice for sinus infection (although seemed super mild)

-all the 2 year olds have had chronic runny noses for what seems the entire winter, going back and forth from clear to yellow/green for weeks!!!!!

My sick policy says I don't allow green or yellow mucus, but I've never enforced it. I still don't plan to, so I guess I'm just venting and curious.

This is really gross, we're wiping noses constantly for weeks on end and I'm so ready for winter to be over, and for all these newbies to build up their immunities and get used to one another's germs.

We wash hands and all, but with exclusively one and two year olds, the germs just spread so quickly because the littles are so gross and unhiegenic!!!
blandino 06:22 PM 02-26-2013
Yes, mucus everywhere. I swear some of my kids have had a runny nose since November. Also we sound like a choir of coughs during the day. All kids have been to the Dr. for the cough - and haven't been diagnosed with anything - it is just allergy related.
WoodOx 06:32 PM 02-26-2013
so sorry to hear that, i have been there myself. it becomes tiresome and more handwashing.
I have been lucky this winter. runny noses for about a week with cough's.
Scout 06:36 PM 02-26-2013
yep! I started a dkg six weeks ago and her nose is constantly runny!! It's clear though, maybe an allergy?? Hopefully not my cats! Ds has the yellow/green thing going on too...yuck!
Sunshine74 08:43 PM 02-26-2013
Nap time is the worst, with the coughing and sniffling. I sit there and just think, "Ugh."
snbauser 05:24 AM 02-27-2013
Same here. The weather hasn't helped. We haven't had a good stretch of cold days to kill off all the germs. Instead it's been like yesterday was 35 and rainy and today is supposed to be 61. They by tomorrow it's supposed to be 45. We can't win. I plan on opening all the windows this afternoon when it warms up just to let out some of the germs.
mls620 06:32 AM 02-27-2013
Same yucky going around here too.
SilverSabre25 07:02 AM 02-27-2013
yes, we are, and we get out twice a day no matter the weather to go to the bus stop so we're getting fresh air

One boy has had a chronic cough that's not too bad, mostly mentioned during pick up (I wonder how real the cough is, you dear boy). I have been having a snottier winter than usual in some ways, just one little cold after another it seems.

It's not *too* bad though.
EntropyControlSpecialist 07:08 AM 02-27-2013
Bad coughs here with runny noses.

One was diagnosed with pneumonia and hospitalized.

One was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.

One has been mysteriously absent for 3 days now and those parents never notify me of any illness because they like to try to sneak the child back in.

jessrlee 07:10 AM 02-27-2013
Since I ripped out the carpet we have all been healthy as horses I am going to do our home asap!
KDC 07:25 AM 02-27-2013
I live in the midwest, and winters here are bad for the phlegmy cough's and nasty green nose discharge... A lot of what you guys have had seem worse. Whenever we'd visit the pediatrician the offices would be freezing, and we asked... what's with the lack of heat? They said the germs have a hard time surviving the colder temperatures, it helps to avoid the spread of illnesses. Hmmm.... So this year we have been keeping our temps in the house around 65, and just make sure we layer up, and I have to say this year has been better than ever in the kids health. Keeping up with the Vitamin D, and getting outside just a little every day to see Mr. Sun - and we did replace our carpet after 6 years of daycare usage =)

Could just be a coincidence, but I'm rolling with it.
EntropyControlSpecialist 03:59 PM 02-27-2013
We have no carpets, the temp. has been 65, I don't know what gives here in the south.
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