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small_steps 09:52 AM 07-03-2013
I'm using an extra room in my house to make an infant room. Have been wanting to do it for a while and have finally decided on a theme...I think. I really like the baby safari theme but I think sock monkeys is really cute too and even though its gaining popularity, It's still pretty unique.

I'm looking at a pretty brown color for the room. Is brown soothing enough for an infant room? I'm not really good with being creative in that way. Sock monkey is mostly browns and reds. I've seen some pictures and wall hangings done in colors for sock monkey and it's cute but I'm kind of the type of person if I can't see it laid out together I can't create it. This will be a room for 2 & under, in your opinion could this be a cute, soothing theme for the room?

And any ideas are appreciated
Evansmom 11:28 AM 07-03-2013
I think it's cute and I had a neighbor who's daughter did sock monkey for her daughters nursery. It was precious! You could do light brownish/tan/taupe on the walls and that would be a soothing warm color I think.

One thing tho, my youngest was kinda freaked out about sock monkeys when he saw them as a toddler. He may have just been more sensitive than most kids. But if you think that could be a problem another really cute theme is birds. Like bird silhouettes and cut outs. You could combine all colors then, like robin's egg blue, pastel yellows, greens. Make it kinda nature-ish looking. That could be soothing too.
daycare 11:39 AM 07-03-2013
I love the sock monkey..

how about some bananas on the wall that you can put the ABCs on?? lol

or a triangle pennant that is white with red pin stripes across the wall??
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