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blandino 08:08 PM 08-26-2013
I have a friend from HS who was looking for daycare earlier this year. She set up an appt with me, but that day said she would need to reschedule. She never did, and a few weeks later she posted that "DS has his first day of daycare today". I was surprised, but not upset - she was dramatic in HS and needed longer hours than I usually keep.

Well a maybe 1 month later she calls me, says that she was terminated with no notice from her daycare that day. She said the lady said her son just wasn't adjusting. I think that is the truth, and the DCP didn't want to terminate until she had someone to fill the spot, and the person she found needed care immediately. I tell her we don't have any openings, but refer her to some providers in her area. She texts me later and says that they LOVE the provider I referred her to. I checked in with her best friend, who is a client of mine, and she says things are still going good, but the DCP says he cries a lot. Seeing a pattern here, anyone

Well today she posts on FB "looking for a new daycare ASAP". Someone posts recommending a local chain, she replies saying that they have openings - but they charge 2x what she is currently paying.

I refer her to Patches, and she says "I really don't want to put him in another home daycare, I want him to have other babies & toddlers to socialize with". Umm, what ? What home daycare doesn't have other toddlers for him to socialize with that are close to his age. I thought that was the oddest comment.

So she is complaining about a commercial daycare that charges too much, but she doesn't want a home daycare. Should I send her Mary Poppins number ?

Also, this same mom posts pictures of this baby napping in her arms all the time. Gee, I wonder why he has trouble adjusting to daycare, and cries all the time ?
EntropyControlSpecialist 08:13 PM 08-26-2013
I'd tell her to look on for a nanny.
blandino 08:41 PM 08-26-2013
Originally Posted by EntropyControlSpecialist:
I'd tell her to look on for a nanny.

I was telling all this to my best friend. She said "Why doesn't she just stay home with him ?". She only went back to work recently. Seriously, her child is clearly not working out well in daycare. I don't think mom does anything to help his chances.
Familycare71 09:48 PM 08-26-2013
Dodged a bullet with that one!!
Maria2013 06:38 AM 08-27-2013
Originally Posted by blandino:
Should I send her Mary Poppins number ?

preschoolteacher 08:45 AM 08-27-2013
Hey, at least she cares about the quality of her kid's care... even if her criteria is a bit off... and at least she's involved with her baby. More than you can say about some!
grandmom 02:35 PM 08-27-2013
The problem is that now he's been in a couple places, and every time he goes to a new place, the adjustment will be longer. It becomes a vicious circle and he will not be successful anywhere. I see this as a beginning of a lifetime cycle for him and his mom. It's sad.
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