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BoysMom 12:12 AM 10-25-2019
I have a 20-month DCG who has sucked two fingers since she was an infant. I used to joke that they were magnetized to the back of her throat, it's that automatic for her. She also doesn't play with any toys but instead just sticks them in her mouth and tries to walk around with them. If I take the toy away, she either goes back to the fingers or tries to put another toy in her mouth.

My youngest DS and other DCG are the same age (they're all just two weeks apart) and neither of them sucked fingers or mouthed toys before she started back here. Today my DS was repeatedly standing in front of her putting his same two fingers in his mouth, and several times I had to pull blocks out of all three of their mouths.

Is there anything I can do to either break her of putting the toys in her mouth, or at least keep the others from imitating it?

(Back history with DCG1--I've done license-exempt care for three years and had her and her brother last school year four days a week. At the end of the school year, my families asked me to become licensed so I could care for both families at the same time. My license just came through at the beginning of this month, at which point she started coming again.)
BoysMom 12:15 PM 10-28-2019
Nothing? Anyone?
Cat Herder 12:19 PM 10-28-2019
I just saw this and got pulled away as I was beginning to respond. At 20 months it seems pretty normal because of molars coming in, I usually give them some chewelry that has a good shape for getting back there and gnawing.

For the copy cats, a quick daily spritz with lysol spray on the toys after decon helps.
Snowmom 12:46 PM 10-28-2019
I am constantly on the mouthers here.
They only get to play with certain toys and I keep that area just for them. I have a large space though, so this is easy for me to do. They are told they only get to play with those toys and must stay in the "baby area" until they can show me they will keep fingers and toys out of their mouth.
Once they are 2, this is usually NOT fun for them anymore (baby toys), so they usually stop. I do allow for thumb sucking at nap, but that's the only time you won't hear me saying "fingers out" every time I see it.
Ariana 02:30 PM 10-28-2019
Seems pretty normal here as well and it is mostly due to teething or being weaned too early. Sensory stimulation at this age is VERY strong.

I have been successful by telling kids “out of your mouth” and making a motion with my finger on my lips and pushing my finger away. Sometimes they listen sometimes they don’t.
Ms.Kay 04:32 PM 10-28-2019
I use tea tree oil..diluted in water...take mouthed toy...spray on....most kids.stop...a bitter taste.
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