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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>A Raising Rates Letter???
Crazy8 04:04 PM 10-04-2012
Does anyone have one they can share?? I have NEVER raised rates on current clients - NEVER. I have adjusted my rates for new clients over the past 10+ years but never for an existing family. Well, I'm going to do it. I have one family paying me $10/wk less than the others and I want to bump them up AND I have another family paying me the current rate but they are here an extra half hour in the morning AND an extra half hour in the evenings so I want to raise them $10/wk as well.

My other families are newer and are at the current rates so this rate increase would just be going to some families.

I have no clue how to even approach the subject with them. Should I mention it before giving them a letter? I am thinking of making it effective January 1st - when should I give it to them?
EntropyControlSpecialist 04:14 PM 10-04-2012
I would give it to them at least 1 month before.
Michael 04:23 PM 10-04-2012
Some helpful threads on rate notifications:
Crazy8 11:39 AM 10-05-2012
Should I talk about it with them before giving them a letter??? I hate to talk money!
Crazy8 12:09 PM 10-08-2012
no one can give input on how they've gone about changing rates on existing clients who have never had a rate increase before??
Blackcat31 12:29 PM 10-08-2012
Dear Parents

Due to the increasing costs of running a child care, there will be a small increase in my current child care rates beginning on October XX, 2012.

I will be sending out new contracts sheets with your rate increase for you to sign and return to me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you

Daycare Provider

I then fill out contract sheets stating the new rate for each family (individually) and hand them out within a week of sending home the above letter. I usually give atleast a months notice when raising or changing rates for anyone. HTH
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