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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Can I Change the Date I Received Payments From Families?
MARSTELAC 06:21 AM 09-16-2010
Good a.m.! New to the forum so hope I am doing this properly! I have been providing care for almost 3 years. I have always collected payment for the current week as follows: payment is due no later than close of business on the childs last daycare day of the week. I would like to change to payment being due Monday or Tuesday morning upon arrival (I have some kids that start Mon. and some on Tues.). I would like to start this new policy effective 1/2/2011. I would then give any adjustments to the bill the following week. I would like the Mon/Tues a.m. payment to be for the week that I am about to care for the kids. Any ideas? When should I give the heads' up that this is about to happen? I have mostly on-time payments but I have issues with 2 families....I forgot my checkbook...I don't know if my husband was going to pay or if I was supposed to...etc...
Michael 11:23 AM 09-16-2010
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kidkair 11:41 AM 09-16-2010
When I've done changes to my policy/contract I give them at least a month notice. I give every parent a new policy with the changes highlighted and have them sign a new contract within the next two weeks. I give a reminder about returning the contract a few days before it's due date which for me has been Fridays. The following Monday I give notice to anyone that did not return a contract. I had one person who showed up Monday with the contract and I let it slide but I really shouldn't have as they did not follow my new policies and I gave them notice 3 weeks later. Hope this helps
MyAngels 12:33 PM 09-16-2010
When I made this change ten or so years ago, I just began requiring payment on Mondays from new families and left my original families to pay on Fridays. It took a bit of time, but eventually everybody was on the Monday plan. Of course, I didn't have any problems with anybody paying, so I wasn't really motivated by anything other than the fact that other daycare providers around me required payment on Mondays. I suppose you could just make it a part of your updated contracted policies, beginning in January, with perhaps an explanation that it's common practice among other providers and that you will be following suit?
Live and Learn 12:39 PM 09-16-2010
I just implemented this system this month. I watch mostly teacher's kids so at the end of the school year before closing for summer I let everyone know. It hasn't been any problem for my families. Good luck.
Blackcat31 08:29 AM 10-08-2010
When I made the change from post pay to pre-pay, I gave the families 30 days to get ahead and be on a pre-paid schedule with all payments due on Fridays prior to the next week of care. They can pay weekly or bi-weekly. I used the excuse that I am using a payment program for accounting purposes much like Quick Books. I told all my parents that my late fee is $5 per day for any payments not paid by Friday at 5:30 P.M. (weekends included) and that my computer program automatically adds the fee if payment from the parent is not entered on time. I told the parents I am sorry for any inconvenience it causes but it makes accounting so much easier for me. This also makes it impossible for parents to try and ask for extensions on paying or the old "i forgot my check book..." excuse. I just smile and say, "No problem, but a late fee is automatically entered." I also let them know that I cannot alter the program. So pay up on time or make sure you include the late fee when you do pay. I can honestly say I have not had one single problem with late payers.
Just blame the program. Parents can't argue and take advantage of your human feelings.
momma2girls 10:50 AM 10-08-2010
I changed my pay day to Monday about 4 yrs. ago, it is so much better than on Fri. then make sure you have late fees per day in your contract, and make sure and stick by them.
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