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Crafty 05:10 PM 07-31-2021
Good evening dear Forum Members!
I really need your advise about opening childcare center.I knew all procedures of opening in-home daycare and had a license that I closed after pandemic.So I'm not so new in this job field.Question about opening daycare center.What would be your good advise of getting training/lessons/certification/volunteering. I not talking about finance. Maybe to hire daycare consultant or pay to daycare owners for question-answer meeting? I do my own research and looks like need to put all puzzles together.
To start from beginning with renting a space or to lease an established small daycare perfect for first time owner?
If there is any childcare consultants with reasonable fee? Will appreciate contact information.
Texas state.
Thank you for your time and valuable responses!
Michael 06:01 PM 08-01-2021
We do get a lot of traffic to this forum but the members that were here are mostly on our new form. Check it out:
Cat Herder 06:35 AM 08-03-2021
I think you would get better information by using the new forum and asking your questions, instead of paying someone for their opinions. There are many long term business owners on this forum who will answer any questions you have for free, from their own personal experience. Remember most daycare providers burn out in about two years, many of those try to earn a living by becoming "expert consultants" or "curriculum specialists" for newbies. Having multiple sources of information, from people with varied experiences, who have no financial incentive to tell you what you want to hear, offers much more valuable and reliable information. IMHO.
Anne Ross 09:50 AM 08-16-2021
Once when you get the ball rolling, something small that you can do to advertise your business is set up some feather flags in front of your daycare center so that you catch the eye of people who might be looking for a new daycare.
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