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Open Daycare Center - Sell a Daycare - Rent a Daycare - Buy a Daycare>Daycare for Lease near UofH / Medical Ctr. in Houston Incentives Offered
ManeeshaHouston 02:55 PM 10-07-2021
68 Children Licensed Capacity (2,880 Sq Ft with central A/C)
Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Facility - equipped with brand new appliances
Remodeled Bathrooms and Upgraded LED Lighting
Illuminated Solar-Powered Pylon Sign on Griggs Road
2,500 Sq Ft fully-fenced playground with Swing-n-Slide Playset
A marketing flyer is available for distribution to prospective tenants. If interested, please contact me by email or by text 704-968-7840.

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