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Sunshine44 04:16 PM 06-25-2011
This question has probably been answered before (if so, do you have the thread?) but I was wondering what toys you have for your dck's to play with? I know I've heard some of you do not do battery operated and some do. I'd love answers from both sides. I have tons of toys, but I am trying to get rid of some and maybe buy some new things. Thanks.
WImom 06:36 PM 06-25-2011
My kids favorites are the cardboard blocks, baby dolls, dress up and kitchen and Train Table.
youretooloud 06:48 PM 06-25-2011
My kids ate the cardboard blocks. (they were expensive too)

They like the wooden blocks, Bilibo seats, rody, the old fisher price people houses, Duplos, and those popup pals toys that make a racket when they push or pull something.

Oh, old keyboards. They LOVE those.
GotKids 07:36 PM 06-25-2011
The older ones like the wooden toys, kitchen, dress up area, and the blocks (pop-ons ,magneatos, bristle blocks, legos, knex, trio) cars, dolls, art areas, little piano and other music toys

The little ones like soft blocks, sorters, stacking toys, drums, xylophone, ball toys and climbing blocks.

I do have some electronic toys but I have found they loose interest in them faster so I have rotated most of them out.
littlemissmuffet 08:27 PM 06-25-2011
Hi Sunshine!

Try some of these threads:
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