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MarinaVanessa 10:28 PM 01-26-2010
My daycare is enrolled in the USDA Food Program and I want to change up the menu a bit. Some of the kids can be picky eaters which I'm not used to (my daughter has always eaten EVERYTHING, she's 5) I'm looking for fun ideas for breakfast, snacks and lunch that I can serve that are still healthy and USDA food program approved.

If anyone knows of any great kids recipes, cookbooks or websites (there are so many websites that it's hard finding the good ones) where I can find good recipes or meal plans that would be great. I'd appreciate it if they were kid friendly as in, something the kiddo's will actually eat and maybe something they can help prepare. My littles love that they are included in preparing in pretty much everything (my youngest little is 2 1/2). Any ideas out there?
Unregistered 08:42 AM 01-12-2012

I too was seeking a variation on menues for the children at my center and I rememebered I had attended a class through the USDA and they have a website that has cycle menues approved by them and its actualy all set up. Just browse the links

Hope that helps

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