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Country Kids 02:15 PM 01-20-2012
behaviors from home that aren't allowed at childcare.

I have a child that is almost 3 and its getting to be a struggle everyday to have them settle down for preschool.

What I mean by this is they don't want to sit, they would rather lay down and suck the thumb, can't sing-needs to scream the song or suck the thumb. Can't do music time because they need to run not dance. There is no way we can go outside right now do to flooding amounts of rain!

Has only older brothers that are wrestlers and I've seen alot of what appears to be anger lately (scrowled up face, screaming at the other kids, just can't settle down when asked) but this has just happened since wresting season started.

Years ago I did have to ask another family to either find other childcare or take a child out of wrestling because they counldn't contain themselves from always wanting to wrestle. Well the family choose me and took the child out of wrestling.

So what would you do with a child like this. Time outs aren't working anymore-more scream fests than anything. This child really doesn't seem to get that you just can't behave this way and sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.
Blackcat31 02:42 PM 01-20-2012
Are you putting him in time-out for wrestling or for not wanting to participate in pre-school activities? I completely understand the not being aboe to wrestle as it would not be allowed here either. I do however, think participating in the pre-school activites should be an option and not a requirement.

IMHO, his having to scream the song instead of sing it is telling you he isn't really interested...kwim? I would definitely provide an activity that he CAN do to get his energy out in a more positive way such as maybe engaging the kids in a game of musical chairs or using the parachute or dancing in Simon Says type dance routine.

I would set some boundaries for him that are clear about touching others when playing. Other than the dancing and indoor large motor games in the house, my DCK's remain on their butts at all times and cannot touch anyone else.

If you do preschool curriculum type things, invite him to join but if he chooses not to then don't make him. Let him sit and wait until everyone is done if he chooses to do so. He may just see that you are all having sobmuch fun that he will want to join sooner or later.
MarinaVanessa 03:32 PM 01-20-2012
Is this child like this a lot and today it's worse because you guys are stuck inside or is this the child's normal behavior? In either case when I have a child that doesn't focus like yours is doing I have to face the fact that either (like blackcat said) they aren't interested or they just have too much bottled up energy and it needs to be let out.

Take a few minutes to do something with all of the children that allows them to move around a lot or shout (whatever it is that they seem to be doing). I know it seems wierd for me to be telling you to let him do something that you don't want him to be doing but it works for me to allow a child like this to let it out.

If a child can't seem to stop yelling then we all get together and sing a song that has some yelling in it or an opportunity to get loud. For example we'll sing "If you're happy and you know it" and when we get to the "shout hurray" part we get really, REALLY loud and shout "HURRAY!!" etc.

If a child can't stop running around give him an opportunity to run inside the house (bear with me here ). When a kid doesn't stop running around I play something like Greg and Steve's "Listen and Move". They walk, run, gallop, skate, tip toe etc.

Give him the chance to get it out of his system but on YOUR terms, in other words, for a purpose and not just aimless yelling and running. They'll all have fun and if you actually use "Listen and Move" and have the CD the next song "The world is a rainbow" is a MUCH slower song which you can use to transition the kids from active/loud to calm/quiet and ready for activities and curriculum.

Now that I think about it, how are you transitioning the kids from play time to preschool time? Transitions are very important, you have to ease them into the next activity. And personally I tried curriculum with my toddlers (2-3 yo) and they were not interested in it at all so I gave up. The only thing that I wouldn't allow is the wrestling. I know that rough and tumble play is healthy and a part of development but I leave that kind of play for home.
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