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Hugs and Kisses 02:02 PM 10-19-2014
I am getting some paperwork ready to process my home daycare license (in Chicago IL) and I have a question regards the toy list. What am I suppose to include on the "A list of toys and equipment"? Besides the brand and age recommended, what else should I include or how should it look?
Michael 04:07 PM 10-19-2014
I put some search tags at the bottom of the thread. Here is a thread on toy suggestions:
sahm1225 04:36 AM 10-20-2014
Your licensing agent should have a form you can use.

I just typed mine up in a word document (I made an infants section, toddler & preschooler section).

Example -

Toddler toys
- 2 push/walking toys
- soft building blocks
- duplicate blocks (62)
- 3 puzzles
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