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TwinMama 12:08 PM 05-17-2019
Do you have a ton of toys? Do you have a limit?

I feel like I have an overabundance of toys, and I need to get rid of some. I can't decide which ones to ditch though.

Are there just basics that you keep and that's it?(blocks,dolls,trucks)
Mom2Two 12:09 PM 05-17-2019
Do you have a storage room that you could use to rotate?

I've moved some along over the years, and sometimes they break, but I also have some that go into rotation.
TwinMama 07:03 PM 05-18-2019
Originally Posted by Mom2Two:
Do you have a storage room that you could use to rotate?

I've moved some along over the years, and sometimes they break, but I also have some that go into rotation.
My husband is currently creating a special storage area. So I'm super excited about it.
DaveA 03:56 AM 05-20-2019
Having toys rotated in and out makes a world of difference. You can keep fewer things out and tailor your room better to what you are doing at the moment with DCKs.

Good luck with the new storage. Always a good thing.
Blackcat31 06:52 AM 05-20-2019
I started out with only the toys my own kids had outgrown and added as my business grew.

Then somewhere along the way I realized I had collected/bought/saved way too many toys.
Both inside and out. The kids were overwhelmed and didn't really play with anything. They just went randomly from toy to toy so others couldn't play with it or because they thought they too, had to have/do it all.

I started rotating toys and only having certain ones out during certain times of the year. That worked well for a while. Then I ran out of space and grew weary of the constant rotating/boxing them up/getting them out/storing them within easy access...

So a few years ago (and still now) I started purging. Small at first. Just ditched a few things I kept because I liked it but the kids didn't really play with it or I didn't allow it much. Then I started really downsizing.

Now I have simple basics and that is it.

I have:
4 different types of (larger) blocks (waffle/wooden/Legos/giant Duplo)
4 different types of manipulative blocks/activities (fine motor skills)
cars/trucks with a carpet rug of a city with roads
action figures/animal figures
doll center w/ 4 dolls/4 outfits/2 bottles/2 blankets & a cradle
kitchen area (basic food and a place setting for 2)
science center (magnets/light table/microscope w/slides)
writing/art area (paper/writing tools/paint)
book area (books with big floor pillows)

That's about it. I do have a few things in addition to those things but it depends on the group of kids and what we are currently doing.

I set out certain choices during the day and the kids are allowed to choose an activity. Once there, they stay with that activity for a set amount of time and then can move to another area after the time limit.

I've noticed since downsizing the kids play better, longer and definitely more involved. Now I'm constantly looking for ways to downsize even further all while still meeting the needs of each developmental area of growth.
LK5kids 07:22 AM 05-27-2019
I rotate about two items per week. These items are usually put on the train table. My kids use these items constantly all week. I definitely think less is more and kids play better.

I have a young group so I don’t have anything in bins except Duplos so no dumping goes on.

I feel like I have a lot less than what I see other providers when I see pictures on the FB groups I’m part of. But I still plenty!!

I went to about 75% wooden toys and I feel I have nice quality toys

I have a whole room that’s basically housekeeping and then there is a book/cozy corner also.

I have these additional centers

Puzzles/table toys

Simple science center -2-3 items right now it’s one of those scholastic books with the overlays about birds and a M& D magnet activity

Block center a few hot wheel cars, Melissa and Doug fire truck, etc.

Writing center with fine tip markers, mailbox, mini magna doodles that I have out occasionally

Sensory table

Easel for drawing with markers for school agers.

playdoh I rotate in and out
springv 09:20 AM 05-27-2019
We have the minimum that the state requires. We have use to rotate things out for the kids but then it got to where everyone would end up fighting over the toys
Annalee 02:14 PM 05-27-2019
I like the "less is more" concept. Too much can be overwhelming for kids. i.e. many of my things count in many areas for multiple ages in the FCCERS-R book. I like having all things be accessible for all ages with the exception of some smaller-piece manipulatives the older kids use or some puzzles with smaller pieces or certain art supplies. I have a change-out system of what and how many to place back similar to what I rotated with....i.e. shells for pine cones in the science center.
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