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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Fever Of 100-101...Send Home Or Just Put Down For A Nap?
MamaJ 10:13 AM 08-04-2011
Grandma dropped off dkg this morning...said she fell asleep on the way here and that she was tired- woke up at 6am for some reason. I asked if she was feeling OK, and grandma just said "i think so, she was fine last night".

she's fell asleep in the car when we came home from the park...ate little lunch (not unusal for her)....and is running between 100-101 on my forehead thermometer.

I've not ever sent her home for being sick. last winter I should have several times, but I also told everyone recently I was going to be very strict on the sick policy come this fall/winter (new baby on the way).

she is acting happy and playing well...not sure if I should call mom to get her, or just put her down for a nap and see how she is when she wakes up.
nannyde 10:15 AM 08-04-2011
There's a REALLY good chance they dosed her with tylenol or advil. I exclude at 100
Zoe 10:17 AM 08-04-2011
Does she normally run hot? Usually at 100 degrees, that's grounds for sending the child home. Do you have a sick policy? Just look at what you've put down and if she meets the "sick" criteria, send her home. You said you wanted to be stricter to your policy, so stick with it.
Blackcat31 10:22 AM 08-04-2011
I agree with PP. Even if you have never sent her home for being sick before, if I were a parent of another child attending and found out you let her stay, I would be mad if my child got sick then too....

In group care, you put the needs of the group first and foremost not the individual child/family.

I'd send her home and exclude until she is fever free WIHTOUT any meds for a minimum of 24 hours.
AnneCordelia 10:29 AM 08-04-2011
Why have a policy if you won't stick to it? I'd send her home.
MamaJ 10:45 AM 08-04-2011
Ok I did it- called her mom and she is on her way. she's definitely sick. last temp check 101.5. crying for her mom.

i'd be surprised if they dosed her up and didn't tell me. they've always been really honest when she has been sick, or if they ever gave her meds before. she was here yesterday and really was I think it probably started overnight and was just too early to tell anything this morning.
PitterPatter 12:03 PM 08-04-2011
A temp of 100 sends them home here. They wouldn't be able to come back the next day either as I also have a 24 hr fever free without the aid of fever reducing meds. U never know what could be creeping up and if it's contagious then other children in care could catch it.
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