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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Almost 5 Yo Still Pees His Pants!
AmyLeigh 05:04 PM 11-01-2011
Okay, so I can deal with occasional potty accidents. Stuff happens. I get it. But a dcb who will be 5 next month has an accident DAILY. This is getting exasperating for me. Am I expecting too much of this child to exercise some bladder control? Having potty trained 3 children of my own, I don't think so. My (just turned) 3yo doesn't have any accidents at all! He gets mad whenever I suggest he go to the bathroom. I'm talking full out tantrum when I say, "Y, you haven't gone potty in a while, why don't you go now?" I am thinking of suggesting (in front of the boy) that he get checked out by a ped regarding the accidents. If it is a medical condition, that's one thing. If it is laziness, that's another.
Ariana 10:42 AM 11-02-2011
Why would you mention going to see a ped in front of the boy? Are you trying to shame him?

Have you asked the parents about accidents at home or strategies they use at home? I would start there. You both have to be on the same page so if he's still in pull-ups at home and is not being encouraged to go to the potty it might be why he's refusing at your place.
Solandia 11:29 AM 11-02-2011
At 5yo, it is a control issue. Either he has limited control due to a medical reason --or-- he is exerting control over his environment on purpose for whatever reasons (crazy home life, odd punishments for potty accidents, abuse, excessive babying, etc).

No matter the reason, it isn't about you, and you have no control over it. The power struggle between you/dcb/parents is a losing battle.

For sure, refer the issue on to the pedi, that is the appropriate place to send this issue, imo...your job is to take a deep breath, and let the frustration go over something not in your control. Daily accidents = plastic training pants required until potty training is firmly established.
renodeb 11:37 AM 11-03-2011
That seems kinda old for accidents. I think your right to encourage a dr. look at him. It seems as though kids arent potty training like they used to. Something has happened and kids are in no hurry to start and once they do they regress or just start refusing to go potty in the potty.
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