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spud912 02:42 PM 02-06-2012
My kids don't want to sleep, hence waking up the daycare kids, giving me no time to get things done during nap time. Grrrr! My older 2 year old child kept getting up and walking around trying to open doors and screaming/crying because of everything (mainly because she's overtired due to refusing to sleep). I FINALLY get her to go to sleep 1 hour into nap time and my younger 1 year old daughter wakes up 15 minutes later and starts playing (which means she's probably pooping). I change her 15 minutes later (enough time to finish her business) and then she starts crying because I put her back in her crib (no way is 1 hour long enough of a nap).

I hope tomorrow is better!
Tags:naptime issues, vent, venting
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