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Greenplasticwateringcans 11:51 AM 02-28-2012
I've read a lot of vents about patent and children comments and behavioir. Is there anything that does not bother you at all that you see a lot of people venting about?

I have a few.

When DCD drops off DCG (sweetest little thing ever) ands she's pooped on the way DCD says she has a present for me.....and I melt like a new's just so funny to me. His accent and the fact that they are fantastic people really helps.

When DCM has a fast morning only enough time for a quick hello to me and a kiss for DCG. Reconfirms to me that they are super comfortable with me and she's knows SCG will get over a 2 second hug.

Checking up on me with regulations. I'm very okay with that and would, and have, done the same things.

I have like a million pet peeves though
melskids 12:01 PM 02-28-2012
When kids bring toys from home and have repeated meltdowns over them ALL. DAY. LONG.

I figure, they're with me for 9 or 10 hours a day, and with a group of other children. When else are they going to learn how to share? Most likely, on nights and weekends, there aren't many opprotunities or other kids around to learn to do so.

Parents who drop off their kids when they are not working.

I don't care where you are or what you're doing...just as long as you show up on time and pay me on Friday.

Kids making a huge mess.

Trying to clean with a house full of kids is like trying to shovel while it's still snowing.

Parents who linger too long at pick up.

I love the family atmosphere, and encourage them to stay a bit, read their child a book, or swing on the swing before they leave.

.....As long as they're out by 5:30.
DBug 12:32 PM 02-28-2012
The recent thread on this made me realize: I have no problem with parents waiting in their vehicle until I open to bring their child in. I keep my blinds closed until opening, so I don't even know they're out there. If they want to sit there for 30 minutes while I have coffee and make my kids' lunches, they are more than welcome to!

Of course, when I worked outside the home, I was in the same position. I had to drop hubby off at work and then drive around for 20 minutes with my two toddlers before I was allowed to drop them off at daycare. In the nice weather we went to a park close by, but when it was rainy or snowy outside, we would just drive around, burning fuel. So if someone wants to park on the street in front of my house, more power to them!
WImom 12:38 PM 02-28-2012
I'm with you on the Parents that drop off when they are not working. It only annoyed me once when a mom was off right before christmas and her kids were the only ones here and she dropped them off both days open to close. I think it just bothered me because my DH and kids were off too and we could have had a family day. Other than that I don't care since they are paying for the spot.

I don't care if parents forget to bring boots. I figure it's more work for them with the wet shoes. They have to listen to the kids complaining all the way home that their shoes are

I also don't care if they show up before I open as long they stay in the car.
cheerfuldom 12:44 PM 02-28-2012
It doesn't bother me when kids come in jammies or with a half eaten breakfast. My kids are still eating when the drop offs start so it doesn't matter to me if there is one more kid added to the table.
Sunchimes 01:28 PM 02-28-2012
I don't care if they show up dressed or even with clean diapers. I only have 3 and they rarely show up at the same time--or even the same hour--so there is no congestion.

I don't really mind the food except for the fact that I have a dck with nut and milk allergies. But, we all work so closely together that they know when she will be here and when it's safe to bring in food. But they are good about avoiding peanuts for her.

I don't care if they bring spare clothes. I have a trunk full of all sizes for them if they need it. I'm old enough to be the dcp's grandma, so I don't mind nagging them to bring them back to me.

I don't really mind skinny jeans or *** boots or tights because I take them off if they are a bother and dress them the way I want them dressed. No one minds. I do however, wonder at them for choosing the outfits in the first place.

I don't mind them hanging around at pick up or drop off. It's a small town. I seldom leave the house, how else am I going to get all the local gossip?

I don't mind feeding them extra snacks that aren't on the meal plan if they are hungry or stay late. I don't mind them staying for dinner. There have been a couple of times that I invited the parent for dinner when they worked late and I had plenty.

I don't mind taking the kids with me to family reunions or other events we enjoy.

I don't mind working with the parents about when payment is due. For the most part, they pay when they should. I've only had a couple of times that I thought they took advantage, but it worked out in the end. But, if payment is due on Friday, I don't care if it's Friday morning or afternoon, or even Saturday morning. I know where they live.

After joining the forum, I decided I should let these things bother me, because the professionals here did. But, I've realized that what is a major inconvenience for you with lots of kids, isn't really a problem with my 2 or 3. I run a loose ship, which suits me. Strictness and rules don't suit me, which is why I'll probably never be a registered home.
Zoe 01:52 PM 02-28-2012
I don't mind if I don't get paid on Monday because the kid is out sick. All my parents are great with all of my policies and if they have to stay home with their little sick one on pay day, it's totally fine with me if they bring the check the following day. No problem.

I also don't care if they aren't quite equipped for outdoor weather. I have extra of everything that comes off right before pick-up. Honestly, I'm not even sure parents realize that I give the kids the extra mittens/hat/boots/ect during the day!

I have one family that I've had for over a year and a half now. They are contracted until 5pm, but always pick up by at least 4:30. There is never a consistent pick-up time, it ranges from 2:30 to 4:30. I don't really mind. We go about our business as usual and the girl gets picked up when she gets picked up.

The only reason these things don't bother me is because I have such great daycare families. If any of these things came with attitude, entitlement, or blatant disrespect of any policy, then I'd be annoyed. I'm able to be more flexible because they get how I run my daycare and I communicate with them that they get special because they are special.
Blackcat31 01:59 PM 02-28-2012
I don't mind when parents drop off and go home, or shopping or anywhere but work.

I don't mind when kids choose NOT to eat. I serve, they eat (or not).

I don't mind if kids don't sleep at rest time....just resting is ok with me.

I don't mind when parents show up early for pick up without a phone call

I don't mind if parents carry their 4 yr olds in or dress them. I just know I do things differently during the day and the kid who can't dress themselves while their mom is present sure seems to be able to dress themsleves on my watch

I also don't mind when parents say "I can't or couldn't get them to do this or that." Because I can.

I dont mind a lot of things parents do or don't do but I will say that when I do mind, the parent is the first to know.
Zoe 02:11 PM 02-28-2012
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:

I dont mind a lot of things parents do or don't do but I will say that when I do mind, the parent is the first to know.
Ditto. Somewhere along the way my annoyance at anything has become transparent and I just say something right away. They are few and far between, but when they happen, they don't happen for long!
MyAngels 04:25 PM 02-28-2012
I don't care if they come in with food or drinks from home. I don't even care if it's candy or cookies (those seem to just get put aside and forgotten right away anyway).

I don't care if they bring toys from home. We have our rules for sharing (or not) and the kids are fine with whichever way it goes .

I don't care if they come in their pjs, though they rarely do.

I don't care if they don't show up at their regular time, as long as it's not before 7 a.m. and not after 5 p.m., I'm all good.

I don't care if parents drop off if they are not working. I've even been known to encourage it with certain parents who I know are stretched thin.

I don't mind of parents want to pick up during nap time. It doesn't disrupt things for me at all.
SD DaycareMOM 04:53 PM 02-28-2012
Originally Posted by Zoe:
If any of these things came with attitude, entitlement, or blatant disrespect of any policy, then I'd be annoyed. I'm able to be more flexible because they get how I run my daycare and I communicate with them that they get special because they are special.
Exactly. Most things don't bother me just because that's the way I am. It suits me better to go with the flow.

I have kids now that come occasionally still in their PJ's and it's fine, but I have previously had a family that would come every single day in PJ's and just gave the general impression that they were trying to take as much as they could get from me without any thanks in return. They are the only family I have ever terminated and it had absolutely nothing to do with the kids.
saved4always 07:21 PM 02-28-2012
I don't mind kids coming in pjs...although all my parents now do dress them.

I don't mind parents coming early and sitting in their cars...I wouldn't know it anyway because I don't come downstairs until exactly at the first drop off time, the door is locked and no one else is up. I actually don't even get up until 10 minutes before the first child of the day is to be here...I roll out of bed, wash my face and brush my teeth and nudge my daughter to get up.

I don't mind if kids don't eat what I give them for lunch (as long as they let me eat!). They seem to go through spurts of eating tons and not eating much at all...I think it all evens out for most kids.

I don't mind happy yelling (usually...once in a while I wake up with a headache and that is a different story).
Luna 04:34 AM 02-29-2012
Arriving in pajamas. If it's cold they're covered in a snowsuit when we go out so they'll probably go home still in their pajamas. If it's warm I have a stash here to dress them if we go out. If we're just staying in my yard they play outside in their jammies. Besides, who doesn't look cute in their jammies?!?!
SilverSabre25 05:17 AM 02-29-2012
I don't mind if parents occasionally aren't working. I don't even mind if parents aren't working and I know about it and it's long as I know that their kids are still getting adequate time with them.

I don't mind jammies.
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