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mamamanda 10:42 AM 03-23-2018
Those of you who have in home daycares, do you stay in the nap room until all of the kids are asleep each day?
Tin Blues 10:49 AM 03-23-2018
No, I put little ones in the crib and walk out. They put themselves to sleep. Older kids go down on nap mats. I leave the door ajar so I can check. They’re all asleep usually within 10 minutes. I’m lucky. My 4 and 5 year olds still nap.
Pestle 10:59 AM 03-23-2018
Depends on the kid. I just spent 30 minutes glaring and using my DEEP STERN MAN VOICE on my two who pop up and run around the moment they think I'm not looking at them. It helps that I have a sinus infection and I sound like Carol Channing.

My other kids, no. They need to be able to sleep without assistance and I need to be able to run around and actually accomplish something. You know, other than raising the next generation.
storybookending 11:06 AM 03-23-2018
No. When transitioning a child from a pack n play to a toddler bed, a move to the “big kid nap room”, I sometimes need to sit right outside the door where they cannot see me but I can see them and use my stern voice if the child attempts to get up. It’s so funny as they can’t see me and they wonder how I can see them and know what they are doing. My house is pretty small and I sit in the living room during naps which is between the two bedrooms used for naps.
Blackcat31 11:06 AM 03-23-2018
Nope. I nap my preschoolers in one room and my toddlers in another room. While the kids are napping my DH and I are eating lunch.

I don't rub anyone's back or sit nearby or even in the same room. My kiddos know the expectations from day one.

I have always had the same routine for napping.
TheMisplacedMidwestMom 11:25 AM 03-23-2018
Only when I need to. For the most part I put them down and leave. I pop back in a couple times for the first 20 minutes or so if I need to, but after that I just carry the video monitor with me.
mamamanda 11:33 AM 03-23-2018
Ok good. I have been sitting in the room for up to an hour some days & it's draining me. I want to just lay them down with clear expectations & give a consequence if they get up so I can straighten up & have a little piece of quiet time elsewhere, but I wasn't sure if that was realistic.

Elsewhere meaning the living room right outside the bedroom. And I have a monitor on them.
hwichlaz 11:47 AM 03-23-2018
I have one child that I can't walk away from. In fact, I need to keep my hand on her back so I can lay her back down each time she sits up...but it's about 10 min. Then I can go get my stuff done.
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