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Jewels 11:17 AM 09-27-2011
for anyone who likes to keep their parents updated on the kids in care, and has smart phones, there is a cool app, called "Baby Connect" register for free, and you can add all the kids, and then for each kid you can add other caregivers, so you enter the parents email, and they sign up and dowload the app, or just online to, And then there is categories for sleep, bottles activities, diapers, naps, etc., you can change and customize all the categories, and if you do it throughout the day, the parents can view everything you put in there, so when I change my babies diaper I just quick pull it up, hit diaper and Wet, and save, and it already has the time on there, and then it shows on the front screen, that "X had a wet diaper at 11:34." Right now my children are showing "Y started sleeping at 12:48".. My babies mom texted me this morning about 15 minutes after I put baby down saying "I see my baby is sleeping right now " Anyways cool for smart phoners. Oh you can also keep track up Drop off and pick-ups, theres a button you hit, and it will automatically put whatever time it is.
VTMom 11:43 AM 09-27-2011
Wow! I'll have to check that out tonight. Thanks for the tip. Sounds cool!
blueclouds29 11:49 AM 09-27-2011
sounds very cool. Costs $4.99 on my iphone though . I love using Minute Menu where I can just email them a form. Let us know how it goes!
Jewels 12:00 PM 09-27-2011
Oh I must have paid for it, And I don't even remember, well all my parents I guess paid also, no one said anything. But $4.99 is what I can spend on paper, and this is so much more convenient, and like I said I have 4 parents connected on it, and no one said anything about having to spend 5 bucks on it. Okay my android app was $2.99
Nona 11:06 PM 03-09-2014
I wanted to post here and link to another thread I started. The responses were really helpful and I also have a discount code if anyone wants to try to product for free.

Here is the link:
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