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itlw8 01:29 PM 03-02-2014
The family that was going to take my under 2 opening lost her job. She may take the one in June. I will be having many openings come June and under 2 openings fill the fastest. someone called for care for a 3 month. Do I call her back or wait for a 1 and up so I can get another sooner ? hard decision
Blackcat31 01:53 PM 03-02-2014
Do you get a lot of calls normally? Are they always for under 1 or under 2?

I'd like to say hold out but if you are going to have a lot of openings to fill come June, I wouldn't wait. Plus I wouldn't want to train in a bunch of newbies all at once.

Does the under 1 that called a bit ago, need full time care?
cheerfuldom 03:42 PM 03-02-2014
If she lost her job and she can't guarantee her start date like before, I would let her know that you need to move onto a family that is ready to start. Fill any spots as soon as possible.
itlw8 11:31 AM 03-04-2014
well I sent a post card to the 22 month old, then posted it on the business facebook page. I waited 5 days for any nibbles and called her today. Interview tomorrow.

If the first mom gets things together she can have the next opeing buy I will not hold it for her. Right now she needs a different job or go back to school. She is a former dcg herself. kinda like she is my own.

anyway the interview mom seems good. I will find out tomorrow. in the mean time she just got a new job so is not JUST a student. The June opening will be filled with a child over one year or I will never fill back up.
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