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Celena 08:41 PM 10-10-2019
Wondering how you guys clean up your kids after meals. Now, I let one at a time Get down to go to the bathroom and wash hands. However, all of the food that missed their mouths ends up all over the floor when I let them get down. So, I end up cleaning them up with a washcloth before I let them down and then sending them to the bathroom to wash their hands which gets water all over the floor be they play in the water.
Cat Herder 05:16 AM 10-11-2019
Have you considered smaller serving sizes? Instead of one serving, give two or three smaller servings over time.
rosieteddy 05:25 AM 10-11-2019
I always cleaned them up at the table.Either a paper towel or individual wash cloths.Then sent them to potty before nap.I also gave small portions so they didn't get as much everywhere.Lastly every child from day one wore a large pocket bib.They covered their clothes and kept the mess contained.I cared for children up to age 5 ,they wore them without comment.
Msdunny 05:32 AM 10-11-2019
I have washclothes. Each child gets a wet washcloth to clean their hands and faces when they finish eating, then they put their cloth in my dirty laundry basket. I don't really have an issue with food on the floor, but I just let the dog out once we are done and he cleans up for me!

My older ones use the bathroom before lunch, and then again before nap time. I send them one at a time, and haven't really had an issue with messes.
Ariana 05:46 AM 10-11-2019
I use soapy washcloths for everyone. I have a bin of soapy water and when lunch is over I take a cloth and wipe them head to toe. Depending on what we are having I might take out two washcloths per kid! I have about 30 washcloths so I do laundry every couple of days. I also wash off the high chair trays with the soapy cloths so they are ready for snack in the afternoon. Bathroom is done before lunch and nap, it is just easier for me.

My dog eats everything off the floor so I let him have at it and then I mop with a swiffer wetjet. On Fridays I do a proper mop with cleaner and a bucket.
Blackcat31 07:57 AM 10-11-2019
My kiddos bus their own plates, cups and silverware when they are finished eating. Before they take their stuff to the counter, they know to check their area where they ate and pick up and spilled or dropped foods and put it on their plate and bring it to the counter.

Once they clear their spot, they get a wet wipe and do a preliminary wipe of their face/hands.

Then they line up for the bathroom and do a more thorough hand/face wash there. One at a time in the bathroom. Everything easily in reach (water is on running and at a set temp by me) soap, paper towels etc.

While they are doing that, I ready their nap area. Once they are all finished in the bathroom they go lie down.

I clean up the rest of the table/dishes etc and wipe down and sanitize our eating area.

Rinse and repeat for snack time.

My kiddos are ages 24 months to age 5. ALL of them are encouraged to be independent and self sufficient from day one. Even if that means a mess.
jenboo 10:13 AM 10-11-2019
Mine are all under 24 months.

When they are finished eating, I take their bibs and plates and put them in a bucket. I wipe the child down with a washcloth then send them to the reading corner. Once everyone is in the reading corner, I clean the table and floor. I get mats out and they get on their beds.
coloradoprovider 10:42 AM 10-11-2019
Each child (except infant!) puts their own dirty dishes into a plastic bin - when they try to put their dishes into sink, they tilt them and make a mess by the sink, so that doesn't work for me. I have a large quantity of the small baby size washcloths that each child uses to clean themselves - I get them wet and wring them myself so they're damp (I assist as necessary). I am training the 4 year olds (only 2 at a time) to wipe the table and use the plastic bin to have them wipe the pieces into it (it's strategically placed on the floor at one end of the table). I also have them wipe the floor. They are getting most of the debris. As 2 are working, the others take turns to use the restroom. After they are all down for nap, I thoroughly clean and sanitize the table. Then, finally, I can clean the rest of post-lunch mess! I was inspired by videos of Japanese children cleaning up their schools! I do the final cleaning and sanitizing as it involves chemicals that are not child safe.
coloradoprovider 10:44 AM 10-11-2019

Japanese children keeping their schools clean!
Unregistered 09:04 PM 10-11-2019
We wash each with a wipe, check there diaper quick (1-2 year olds) and say "go to bed". They all go off to their cots and a few yell back "anket please!" to get me to come tuck them in
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