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SunflowerMama 05:19 AM 03-15-2010
Some of the teachers at my previous preschool had these but I can't seem to find exactly what I want online.

I'm looking for just a small pocket chart (I've seen the big ones) with our daily schedule with pictures (outdoor time, circle time, centers, etc.).

Anyone know where I could find one online?
originalkat 09:33 AM 03-15-2010
Im sure you have found these schedule pocket charts like here on amazon...

What I have done is used Sentence strips and wrote the title like "Circle Time" and glued a picture to match that I cut out of early childhood catalogs. You could also do the same thing with clipart. You could also take photos of the kids doing each activity and then glue them onto the sentence strip.
Or Here is a link to some that might be of some help although some are geared more toward elementary age.
momofsix 10:02 AM 03-15-2010
I just made a word document, and found pictures/clip art on lilne to go with the words. (snack--banana and glass of milk) I laminated it and it works great--and was free!
MarinaVanessa 10:20 AM 03-15-2010
I do almost the same thing that OriginalKat posted (a long/thin pocket chart) but I bought it from Lakeshore, wrote the time on index cards and took my own pictures of our activities and laminated them (to make them durable). I keep the extras and seasonal pictures in an empty wipes box.
Crystal 02:20 PM 03-15-2010
You can make a lot of personalized printables for free at

look in the lower right corner.
gkids09 02:31 PM 03-15-2010
I actually made a picture schedule today...I just used pictures that I've been taking of the kids doing every day activities, and then laminated them and put them on a poster board with colorful labels that I wrote. If your schedule is liable to change, you may want to laminate it all and use velcro on the back of each picture. Then you can change it all around whenever you need to.
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