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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Kids Tables 4 Eating / Crafts Nice Looking, Easy 2 Clean?
kdparadise 12:15 PM 04-19-2010
Any suggestions on nice looking eating / craft tables that will seat around 5 or 6 kiddos. I really would like it to go with my home, but needs to be functional & easy to clean. Ideas for chairs & stools that go would be great too. I've looked a lot online & am having a hard time. The below is what I'd been focused on buying, but have some doubts...

Hmmmm, okay, I have two areas I'm looking at putting tables. One in the playroom, which is carpeted & we won't be using for most crafts. So for the playroom, I've been looking at the play tables with storage bins & paper roll like this one, well b/c I need more storage. They do make similar ones online with bins & a ledge around the edge of wood to help with trains etc not falling off. It's not a good table for me for eating or messier crafts, when eating it's not practical when the bins are there either.

For cost reasons, I need a table for eating & messy crafts first. So I could buy it & evaluate it & buy the bins later if I want to move it permanently in my playroom. At that point I could get a different or the same table (just w/o bins) for the eating / messy craft area. Here's a pic of the same table w/o the bins & stools, which I might consider, although cute I was thinking about stacking chairs.
Michael 06:48 PM 04-20-2010
A little pricey but nice idea: http://www.childrenstablesandchairs....ivitytable.cfm
Rachel 12:14 AM 04-21-2010
I have the ikea round children's table, but I see they aren't selling that model anymore in the states. The table seats 5 and cleans up very nicely. I see they have a rectangle one for sale now, but I don't know how many it sits.
Daycare Mommy 03:59 AM 04-21-2010
Do you have a BJ's Wholesale Club in your area? They have adjustable height tables reasonably priced. At the lowest setting it's perfect for preschoolers and then you can raise the height and use it for regular chairs as well. It seats 6. I think I got mine for $60.. I'm not positive on the price, but it was definitely less than $100 a few years ago anyway. They aren't on their website though so you'd have to go in person. I'd check Cosco and Sam's club as well if you have those.

They aren't beautiful like a wooden table, but they look decent, are easy to clean and can be folded and put out of the way when not in use. Here's a pic of something similar. The top and coloring are the same, but the legs on mine are different to allow for adjustment in height.
tenderhearts 10:49 AM 04-21-2010
What I did was buy a butcher block style regular kitchen table for $25 off of craigslist, then my husband cut the legs down to a "kids" size and it works great and it was cheap and it's nice and sturdy, beats paying huge $$
momofsix 10:57 AM 04-21-2010
My SIL bought a plastic folding "banquet" table for about $30 and also sawed the legs down. She loves it b/c she can fold it up and move it out of the way when she doesn't need it.
tenderhearts 11:00 AM 04-21-2010
that's a great idea too, the only reason I didn't do that is because our table in our camping trailer is like that and it's harder to clean at least for me
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