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Daycare and Taxes>MMK Question: Auditing & Attendance
legomom922 04:59 PM 10-16-2010
So when I log my attendance info into MMK, are you suppose to put in the exact times the child was dropped/picked up? or do you use their contracted hrs? I want to make sure I am logging everything the right & legal way because if I am audited, couldnt they look at my sign in sheets and compare them to my attendance in MMK??

Also, if a child is absent, even though we are being paid, do we log they were not in attendance that day?
misol 09:33 PM 10-16-2010
I enter the exact times from the sign-in/out sheets. Even though I get paid whether or not they are here, I make sure and mark that they were not in attendance that day.

I guess for simplicity's sake you could probably use their contracted hours as the default in MMK for your records only. Then if you ever need the details for an audit you could just use your sign-in sheets to prove the actual times.

BTW, are you talking about a licensing audit or an IRS audit?
TomCopeland 09:00 AM 10-17-2010
It's best to put in the actual hours children are present, rather than your contracted hours. In an IRS audit, they will want to know when children are actually there. If you can't keep up with entering actual hours, then putting down your contracted hours is better than not recording anything.
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