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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>You dont spend enough on childcare.
E Daycare 10:49 AM 03-08-2011
An article I found nice from The Stir, a cafemom blog.

Article found here

Some excerpts:

"It turns out, in my Brooklyn neighborhood anyway, that a full-time nanny would cost our family over $26,000 a year. Day care was cheaper, and we got away with $13,000 a year. Still a good amount of money for one child, and once we had two children, we knew it was time to move to a less expensive city.

Although we pay less in California, child care still takes a massive bite out of our budget. While I may be going broke covering pre-school and day care, the price of child care is still not nearly high enough.

The people who take care of my children, and have taken care of my children in the past, deserve much more.

Yet, most middle-class parents go through a poverty spell when children arrive. Mostly due to the high cost of child care. We certainly did, and it's a tough spot to be in, even though our combined salaries were much greater than the barely living wage of a nanny."

Good article I think and I thought Id share. I agree of course

Unfortunately not everyone feels this way, cant afford anything more then the menial we offer (otherwise wed charge $200 or more a week per kid am I right?). One of my good gf has been working in her day care facility for 4 yrs and makes under $9.00/hr. With doing my taxes I found I out I made absolutely NOTHING last year (then again, this goes with most business' starting up but still...). For the time, effort, energy, love, mind loss, panic attacks, irritation, illness, frustration, hugs, kisses, little hands clapping its almost worth it.

Just wish working parents made enough to pay us caregivers enough.

In the end though, we dont really do it for the awesome pay.
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